Monday, 12 April 2010

Fine Weekend

I don't want to jinx it, but we've had some fantastic weather here in Aberdeenshire over the weekend.
On Saturday we went out to see my mum and dad, they were more delighted to see Pepsi again lol I think they've missed her since she stayed her holidays with them. But I've booked them up for a week in August to puppy-sit, when we're away again. My wee brother lives about a mile from my mum and dad so I thought I'd nip round and see him, his fiancee and my nephew Kyle, and ended up staying for a BBQ - what a fabulous day out. The kids had a ball, and they were black by the time we left from running around in the garden. You should've seen the colour of the bath water that night!
(Sorry about the awful pics, I took them on my phone)

Then on Sunday afternoon Willow had been invited to her wee pal Raegan's 5th birthday at the local soft play centre - I say local, but it's a good half hour drive down the dual carriageway. I've known Raegan's mum, Sam, since she was a wee girl - and its really nice that Willow and Raegan get on so well even though they don't get together as often as we'd like. Faith came too, so she had a great time too - it was so cute seeing Raegan, Willow and Faith holding hands coming down the huge bumpy slide.

Scott was away at his dad's yesterday, but we took him home a goody bag from the party so he didn't feel left out. 

Then last night I bit the bullet and went and booked our summer holiday - I've had so much trouble organising something. Very few flights from Aberdeen, and then when I looked at flying from Glasgow or Edinburgh I was stuck with having to take 14 days, the next problem was finding somewhere that would accommodate the 5 of us - obviously I should never have had that 3rd child!! But finally I managed to get a very very helpful young man at Thomas Cook who managed to organise the accommodation, flights and transfers all separately for me - so its all booked and paid for. As Scott is going to Orkney with his dad for a week in August, we'll take the girls to Ibiza at the same time - and the best bit is I get to see my good chum Rachel again, who lives over there.
So the losing weight campaign starts here - am determined I don't want to be the biggest heifer in a swimsuit this year. 
Will be back tomorrow with my PfP DT card - it's a cracker of a theme this week, a real challenge.


Debsg said...

It's been a great weekend here in Lancashire too. Your day looks fun.

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Meant to say well done for being featured in the Sugar Nellie spotlight too! That's fantastic and very well deserved! L x

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Hi Debbi. Just catching a wee break from writing my assignment and thought I'd stop by and say hello. Your post on facebook gave me a giggle this morning. I need to get moving and organise my summer hol too as it will be here before we know it. The girls look as though they had a fab time at the party, and some of the adults too! Hugs, Lainy xxx

Marie said...

What a wonderful weekend you had. :) The kids too I can see. Moments to live for isn't it?

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