Sunday, 15 April 2012

Share On Sunday

Morning folks, I'll be back in the next day or so with some candy as I mentioned on Friday. But in the meantime I'm joining in with Share on Sunday over at Karen's blog.
So what have I been pinning on Pinterest this week?
Well, I've been warned to KIC (keep it clean) by she who must be obeyed after last week because I think I gave some ladies a hot flush with those fantastic pics of Alcide from True Blood. Click here to see the post if you think you can handle it :)
So this week I've been pinning pics of Monster High dolls - both my girls love the MH dolls, and I have to say, despite not being a girly doll kinda girl myself I think they are gorgeous. So well designed and very original. Here's my MH board over on Pinterest.
Meet Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein and she's the new girl at MH
and here's one we don't have in our collection yet...
And my personal favourite
This is Abbey Bominable - the daughter of the Yeti!!
Off to have a nosey at what everyone else is Sharing.
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I appreciate any comments 
Debz x


Fiona said...

wow Debbi...these are fab, never seen these before!!

I had already messaged karen about my link...I have entered it again...thank you.


Paula (PEP) said...

NOw I'm totally intrigued - husband will think I've flipped next time we're somewhere where I can investigate a toy shop!
Paula (PEP)

Shazza said...

they are cool!!

Erika said...

Cool dolls Debbi.

saturated canary said...

loveeeee these dolls too!!! haha. it is hard to pass one by in the store and not collect it for niamh. or myself:). i'm a little fuzzy on that point.

i love the Abbie girl, too! i always pick her when i play them with niamh so i can talk in my russian accent.

if you go to the mh website, you can play short 2-3 minute cartoon clips of different's fun and quick...and since they are hardly ever on TV, a fun way to spend 15 minutes watching the characters!!


sugarnellie said...

LOL, yes hot flushes all around last week.
MH dolls, never seen those, has Barbie re invented herself to fit in with the times.
Thanks for joining in this week Debbi.
Have a busy coffee filled week.

PAULA said...

Some inspiration for colouring images in I think!

PAULA said...
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