Sunday, 9 December 2012

16 sleeps

Just over a fortnight to go until the big day and I'm just about organised - how are all of you getting on? I have all the presents either bought or ordered, and I'm hoping to wrap them all this week. 

The tree went up last weekend and the outdoor snowman went up during the week...
Yesterday we popped out to my mum and dad's so the kids could send their letters to Santa up the lum (we don't have a chimney, so its a special treat for them)

Well there's no rest for the wicked, especially at this time of year - but I'll be back again soon with some exciting news :)
Debz x


Wendy L said...

Christmas is great when kids are little but the magic goes abit when they are older. We dont do Christmas much now that we are in Spain, we go for a walk on the beach and get menu del dia wherever is open, it,s great, no hassle. Trouble is now I have Hollie (Grand daughter in UK) it will get more difficult not being there. xxx

Marianne said...

The only Christmas stress I'm feeling is getting my cards ready and posted. ;-)
Being born in the Netherlands, I did not grow up with the Christmas traditions of the English-speaking world. When I was a child, we celebrated St. Nicholas day on December 5th, with presents and sweet treats, but we never exchanged gifts on Christmas day.
Nowaday, many families are putting presents under their Christmas tree, but not us. Heck, we don't even have a Christmas tree. It somehow feels odd having a Christmas tree with day temperatures between 15 and 20 °C. Besides, we always had a natural Christmas tree when we still lived in the Netherlands, while all we can get here are (mostly) ugly fake ones. We intend to get out our other Christmas decorations this week, though.

Paula (PEP) said...

Looks like they had fun with the lists. Tree..... oh that tree...... knew there was something missing! I'd better take a trip up into the loft sometime soon.
Paula (PEP)

cebelica said...

Wow, your tree is beautiful! I haven't put mine up yet. Will probably do it next weekend. I have yet to buy some gifties too. As usually I'm doing everything the last minute. *oooops* Hugs! xx

Loz said...

oh your tree looks lovely! I cannot believe that the year is almost over - my kids are super excited about Santa coming (only 15 more 15 more sleeps now here in Australia!) as your's appear to be too! :)

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Great to see the decs up, looks like a fun time posting the letters too. xx

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