Sunday, 21 June 2009

Wildlife and the latest stash

Before I show you what I got at Simply Create yesterday, I wanted to show you the latest additions to our garden - or maybe I should just call it a zoo lol

These cheeky wee meerkats appeared in the garden this week and they seem to be enjoying the sunshine today...

So the family of meerkats join the 2 cats, 10 koi carp, hedgehog and her 3 babies, and the frog in the pond - its a bloody menagerie here lol

Moving swiftly on, I had a super morning at Simply Create in Alford watching Judy colouring Sugar Nellie images. Judy is an absolute whizz with the Prismacolor Pencils, and she's inspired me to dig mine out and try them again. It was really nice to meet Judy, she's a lovely quine and coped far better than I think I would with demonstrating. She answered all the questions that she was being bombarded with while colouring beautifully.

And she completely won me over with her colouring of the new Diane Duda stamps from Sugar Nellie. I was keeping an open mind about the release of these stamps as although obviously a very talented lady, Diane Duda's style isn't really my cup of tea. BUT... after seeing the Upside Down image that Judy coloured on Saturday and seeing her card from the blog hop on Friday I definitely had my mind changed and had to buy her. 

It was lovely to see Jacqui again, who owns the shop and I finally got to meet Karen - Mrs Sugar Nellie herself - who was on bag-packing duty, and very kindly threw a couple of oh-so-cute Gorjuss Girls badges in my bag. 

So here are the awfully naughty things that jumped into my pretty pink basket...


Bea said...

oh you had a great time by the sound of it and i love the meer cats
Bea x

Anonymous said...

Great shopping!! :D

Max said...

Awww Debbi,
Those meercats are so cute peeking through the bushes.
I think you're very naughty though for showing off your lovely crafty buys as you're making me feel deprived. I haven't 'indulged' for ages and I feel the tingle of withdrawal symptoms kicking in LOL!
I must resist ... I must resist ... I MUST resist!


craftypagan said...

Sounds like you had a fab day! I had to get the upside down stamp too with curtsy-I do love Diana's style tho-but those are my faves. Lovely bits you bought! BB Ro

Kath said...

Love the meerkats and you are so naughty...going off to my fave craft shop without me....and love what you planning a trip with Dawn soon...having big withdrawals.....Hugs Kath xxxxx

dawnmarieg said...

Lol,I love your Meerkats, so cute, I always think of that advert they used them in a few years ago where they gave all the meerkats geordie accents, it made me laugh every time. Smashing goodies you bought and I love the gorjuss girl with the thistle, hopefully that will be in the new set, I'm also hoping for gorjuss Halloween stamps. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Michelle said...

How cute is your meerkat. I just love those wee critters. Love your stash of goodies. I'm soo gonna have to get masel up there. THink I have a sat off in couple of weeks. Needs to be sat as the hubby is off and he can have the monsters while I shop shop shop LOL

scotspanda said...

sounds like a lovely day hun, I must get myself up there sometime soon

love the upside down girl, very cute!!


Amanda xx

Natalie said...

The Meerkats look great, I love the gorjuss badges too. x

Penny said...

Oh wow... are those real? They're so cute. The only meerkat I've ever seen is on the Lion King... lol

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