Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bargains Galore

Had a fabulous day yesterday - dropped Scott and Willow at school then Faith and I headed over to Kath's to meet up for a coffee and a chat with her and Anne. There was much exchanging of pressies, as this was the first time we'd all got together since we were all at the SECC at the end of October. 
So here are my gorgeous pressies, firstly this fabby wee Macy's bag - how posh is that!! The bag would've been enough for me, I was tickled pink with it, but there were goodies inside it too, look....

And Anne gave me a bag too - the twist was it's in kit form and I have to make it myself :D The fabric she has picked out is SO me! and if that wasn't enough she also gave me my first SU inkpad and a gorgeous punch

Thankyou once again ladies, I love my pressies :)
While we were at Kath's, the Hobbycraft sale came into the conversation and Kath mentioned how she got a fantastic bargain of American Crafts pearl brads reduced from £3.99 to 49p. Well I'm sure you can guess where my next stop was, can't you!! I bought quite a few packs for myself and Anne, and the original price would have been £113.89, but only actually cost me £12.19, that's an amazing saving of £101.70!!!! So, Anne and I now have plenty of AC pearl brads, buttons, glitter buttons, and jewel brads. Think I might go back and get more soon.

So today we are off to the grand relaunch of Simply Create, that's not the royal we - I mean me and my entourage (the kids). (Oh that's terrible grammar - should be my entourage and I). The multi-talented and incredibly good fun, Hero Arts Tart - Kath will be showing off the most fantastic techniques with the all new 2011 Hero Arts stamps, and oh dear I feel a huge spend coming on eek!


kath said...

now by my reckoning that means you have £101.70 to spend today...right...see you later...lots of love from The Hero Arts

Suzi said...

Wow!! Debbie, that was certainly a super duper bargain bundle. So glad you all had a nice day together. Sounds like fun.
Suzi x

PeeJay said...

What a bargain! I bought a load of the AC brads at our 'local' Hobbycraft just last week but they were charging £1.49 a pack. Still a bargain but not such a good one as you've got. Wonder if they've reduced ours more .... and is a 60 mile round trip worth making - lol!!

Paula said...

I had to laugh at Kath's comment. So much revolves around Simply Create that I'm seriously considering that if we move it will have to be near you up there - but it's a long way from Wales. Glad you had a productive day & enjoy today too.
Paula (PEP)

Evelyn C said...

Wow Debbi some fabby prezzies! How lucky are you?
And then to get such a bargain - i am with Kath ,i think that means you have extra pennies to spend today!! have fun x

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice and thanks for sharing!!

Macpurp said...

no hobby craft here, maybe just as well.
I missed you at simply create today, didn't arrive till later in day.
love teen xx

Simply Create said...

Good to see you today and your kids are absolutely gorgeous, Faith was so funny she kept on telling me that she didn't like that I had a sore finger - bless! Can I keep her and Willow they were so cute and girly, miss having little ones....

Kat said...

Hi Debbi, it was so nice to me you today at Alford. At last!! Your kids were very good, hope they enjoyed their visit too. Lovely presents from Anne and Kath. Are you going to let us see the bag when you've made it?

What a bargain at Hobbycraft. I've been wondering since Kath told us about it if they still have any. The brads are lovely.

Kat xx

scrappinpeg said...

wow cool bargain girl!

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