Saturday, 23 August 2008


I've been neglecting my blog over the last 10 days, have been really busy though - thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it....
Mar and her boys were up visiting last weekend, Graham volunteered to take all the kids down to Dizzy Rascals and let Mar and I go crafty shopping which of course was a great way to spend an afternoon. I even managed to find an old DoubleDo die in the shape of a film strip - something I've been trying to improvise for ages.
Scott started back at school this week, he's now in primary 4 so has a longer school day. Faith started at 2's group and loves it, I thought she'd be hard to leave as she's definitely mummy's girl but she was no problem at all. Willow had her nursery visit last week and starts nursery for real on Tuesday this week. So its been all go.... I know it sounds really geeky, but I have had to make up a spreadsheet that shows me where each of the kids are just so I can keep track of where and when they have school, nursery and 2's group - and it only gets worse when the after school activities start argh!!
I also decided to have a bit of a clear out this week and sorted out the girls toys - 2 huge bin bags ended up going to the charity shop. This then gave me the clearing bug so I started on our bedroom - 3 bags of clothes for the barnardo's bin, a bag of books went there too. Then I bought 2 deep bookcases from Argos, 1 for my hardback books that I got for xmas and the other to try and tidy up my craft space.
And finally I have managed to get some scrapbooking done - woohoooo!!
Completed a 6x6 mini scrapbook for Rachel as a wee memento of our holiday in Ibiza,

made a double page spread for Mar of the weekend they came up in the spring,
and made 2 pages for my holiday album.

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