Friday, 10 October 2008

Beckie is my hero!

I emailed Beckie Dreyer a few months ago for some advice about that black and white pic of Willow, as I was a bit lacking inspiration. Anyway Beckie helped me immensely and I've been a fan of her work for a while, firstly via the Do-Crafts website and latterly via her blog. I just love her style, at first I tried too hard to mimic her style and failed miserably, but now have kind of settled into picking out one or two elements that I like and scrap-lifting and adapting them to be more in keeping with a simpler style of my own. 
My God, I'm off waffling again! My point though, is that Beckie was quite taken with the picture of Willow and asked if I would let her scrap it. Of course I said yes, it's an honour as far as I'm concerned. So Beckie emailed me last night to show me her finished layout. Isn't it fantabulous?? I think she has really captured the essence of Willow and done the picture proud.
So Beckie, if you're reading this - thankyou sooooo much, I am awfully chuffed :D

Beckie has the details of what she used here


Beckie Dreyer said...

**Blush** I loved scrapping this picture.
Happy scrapping and looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work :)

Mar G said...

The 'Willow' page is stunning....Well Done Beckie! :)
I know how chuffed Debz is with it & how touched she is with your kindness Beckie x

Lori said...

That is such a gorgeous photo- I'm so glad Beckie did this stunning page for you to show it in all its cuteness! And she's even nicer in real life!

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