Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Tattie Holidays, birthdays and the camera in the lavvy - argh!!

Well, that's us into the tattie holidays - if you're not from Scotland then you'll probably call it the October Mid Term or Autumn mid term holiday, but up here it's still the tattie holidays (for the uneducated its called that because it co-incides with the potato harvest and generations of kids used to gather potatoes in the fields - I did it and used to make a fortune!, well it was in those days :))

We had a great weekend, Saturday was spent with an old school friend of mine and his family. Adrian and I went to Aboyne Academy together and it must be 20 years since I last saw him. We've been in touch again for about 6 or 7 years but only really online, so it was lovely to catch up in person. His wife Shirley is lovely, they make a terrific team and she was quite happy to show me their local craft shop which I'll tell you all about in a minute. Adrian and Shirley have 2 beautiful little girls; Jess is a wee bit older than my Scott and their youngest, Emily is the same age as Faith. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so didn't get any pics.

I also managed to forget my handbag - dinna ask!!! so had to "borrow" Graham's debit card to go to the craft shop....so...... Letham Crafts - well what can I say! I thought i had died and gone to crafty heaven :) what a fantastic shop, its like a rabbit warren, loads of wee rooms leading off other rooms and each one crammed to the rafters with every possible crafty thing you could think of. If you are ever within travelling distance of Letham in Angus then it is well worth a visit. Adrian tells me they even have coach parties arrive at weekends. Now I will warn you, their website is pretty awful IMHO and according to it they only really stock embroidery thread and dolls house furniture, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. In fact I can feel a bit of an adrenaline rush just talking about it. haha

Sunday was Willow's 4th birthday so we had a quieter day after she had opened all her parcels.... Until everyone arrived in the afternoon. My mum and dad arrived first, then Pamela and Michael with Daniel and Emma, and finally Cath and Kyle - so there was complete pandemonium for the rest of the afternoon. Willow had a great day and got thoroughly spoiled.

The weekend ended on a bit of a sour note however, when I discovered my camera down the toilet!!

Yes, Faith had done her latest party trick again and lobbed my poor camera down the pan. Graham managed to salvage the memory card - hence why I managed to post the above photo's, but it looks like my poor wee kodak has lost its life. I was going to ask for a new camera for my xmas from G and the kids so it looks like its now a necessity and not a luxury anymore. Any recommendations anyone? I'm looking for something around the £100-£150 mark, not too complicated but powerful enough to take nice sharp pics in most situations.

I recently took out subscriptions for Scrapbook Magazine (because WH Smith is the only stockist here and its not too handy for me) and Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine. SIM came with the Cosmo Cricket Honey Pie collection and SM came with the Ultimate Crafters Companion which I'm sure is a wonderful thing but I just didn't fancy it so I thought I'd flog it on eBay, which I have done.

Then I had the terribly hard job (:)) of spending the proceeds so I have stocked up on Dress It Up buttons and Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies from Sue Hallam. This woman runs a super shop on eBay and her service is second to none. If you have never bought anything on eBay before then she's the perfect seller to start off with, and if you have bought on eBay before then you have to try her out, highly recommended! I also purchased the Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste 12x12 paper pack, the Basic Grey Urban Prairie and Granola 12x12 paper collections and the Basic Grey precision file set from a lady called blondness73 in the states, so we'll see how long they take to arrive. I just love buying stuff from the states, for the 4 things I have ordered I am cheaper (even including the postage from the US) than I would be here - isn't the internet wonderful?!

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