Sunday, 28 December 2008

Xmas day exploits of the Brockie Robertsons

Well Xmas day is just a distant memory now - I know this doesn't sound very festive and good will-ish, but thank goodness!

I was up 'til 4am building the infamous dollshouse and shoving parcels in santa sacks.

The kids got mum up (see, I do have them trained you know) and there were loads of ooh's and aah's at the mountains of stuff santa had brought. All 3 were thoroughly spoiled.

Isn't that second photo of Faith funny? that was her discovering that hitting herself on the head with a reflex hammer from her doctors kit WAS actually quite painful!

And I just love these b&w pics of wee Fayfee .......

So they were still opening pressies when I had to make start on lunch and bunged the turkey in the oven. My mum and dad arrived with more huge bags of pressies and gave me a hard time for still being in my jammies - I had managed to get the kids dressed before they arrived though.

Everyone really enjoyed their Xmas lunch, but none of us were fit for trifle - which mum had made (as well as a clootie dumpling) so the kids and I scoffed it for tea.

I even managed to pour myself a glass of Chilean Merlot (my special treat to myself for Xmas) in the evening, once the kids had passed out - anyone who knows me, knows that this is probably the first alcoholic drink I've had since last Hogmanay, I'm just not a big drinker (not a recovering alcoholic lol)

ooooo I nearly forgot - I got spoiled rotten too, mum and dad gave me money to go crafty shopping and Graham bought me loads of books (including the twilight box set), cd's, a diary, notebook, calendar, mobster money box (I have a bit of an addiction to mobwars on FB), a rotating photo frame, a hat and scarf and a fantabulous new camera to replace the one Fayfee threw down the lavvy.

Right, better get on - my brothers girlfriend and my nephew are coming this afternoon, Tesco will be arriving with my groceries in the next hour and a half, I have another load of washing to do (Fayfee decided to spill her hot chocolate all over her bed last night) and I also need to organise my two PIF's (Pass It forward) so watch this space.....


Lainy's Little Blog said...

Looks like you all had a fab time, the pics of the kids are great. Can't believe that you were up that late and then back up a matter of hours later. I'd have conked oot before I would have been able to make the dinner! lol Hugs, Lainy x

POPPET said...

Aww gorgeous photos thanks for sharing them, Hugs pops x x x

p.s. i am so glad it is over too lol

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