Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What does this remind you of

Have a lookie at this jumper and tell me what it reminds you of. 

BTW Matalan have started selling some of their ranges online

Getting back to the jumper - doesn't it look like it was inspired by BG's Ambrosia collection? or is it just me?

And just so you all know, I have spat the dummy oot and will be sending out bought xmas cards this year. Have totally lost my creative mojo when it comes to xmas card making, everything I did yesterday with them looked like something my 2 year old could have done better. So, I've decided it's not worth the stress. 

Bah Humbug!!! :(

wee update for Mar.... this is the BG Ambrosia collection 


Mar G said...

Eh helloooo what is BG's Ambrosia Collection?
I've only just discovered what a mojo is & you come up with something else! Lol x
Shame about your Christmas cards :(

POPPET said...

Lol it does, but i would prefer the paper lol, dont you think BG is so yummy, Hugs pops x xx

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