Sunday, 30 November 2008

Finally found what I'm looking for

as Bono once didn't say!

I have looked everywhere for xmas day outfits for my kids and have come up empty every time. Usually I hit Next, but I found their selection very dreary this year - its xmas, where's the red???

Amazingly I didn't have to go far in the end and got all this in Matalan - although its still not perfect, it's the best I can do.

And I would just like to apologise in advance for the crappy photography - its dark o'clock and I had to use the flash

This is wee Fayfee's dress, it comes with a silly red hat with white trim, which I might just make her wear for photo's :)

Willow's outfit is a pretty tunic top and leggings - the picture doesn't really show off the sparkle in the top

And Scott picked out this shirt and I chose some black cords to match

I thought I would also show you what Santa is bringing for Willow and Faith - I got my mum to pick it up from Costco for the super bargain price of £99.99 (+ VAT). Now I realise you're probably all shouting at your PC's "call that a bargain???" but when you consider that Toys R Us are selling a far inferior, and smaller version for £130...

This one is HUGE, and is wooden, AND comes with all the wooden furniture and accessories, AND both the girls can play at either side at the same time.

Right, am going to hit the sack soon I think - now that I have spoken to Mar and got all her news of her visit to the Crafty Show at Ingliston today. And another thankyou to Dawn for hopefully bringing me home some Burken jars from Ikea tomorrow.

Nighty Night xxx


Mar G said...

Oooops sorry Deb I thought I had left a comment for you!
Kids outfits are lovely espec Fayfee's wee dress :)
Wow & the dolls house is fab, bet the girls will love it.
I notice though on the box it says 'Rolls on Casters' & I'm having visions of Willow & Fayfee rolling doon your lobby in it?! (Lol)

Beckie Dreyer said...

OMgoodness! How big is that! They'll have heaps of fun as I'm sure you will!!!!
Thanks for my award too!
Have a fun festive time!

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