Saturday, 22 November 2008

Kids Playing in the Snaw!

The kids were on at me all morning to let them out in the snow to play. So I got them all done up in hats, scarves, jackets and welly boots and...... they lasted about 10 minutes before they started complaining about it being cold (well, duh!)

Fayfee was not at all keen, and did exactly the same as Willow did at the same age - stood and wailed for mum.

Do you see how black the sky is out to sea? behind the trees?


Mar G said...

Awwww wee Fayfee....Hopefully that nasty snow will melt soon!!!

Mar G said...

Now you MUST buy the Bo Bunny 'Winter Whisper' range! ;)

POPPET said...

Awww look at then they have grown so big, they llok gorgeous in all that snow, hugs love Pops x x x

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