Saturday, 8 November 2008

Clooties, dining tables and other stories

I've been super busy again this week and have neglected the blogging terribly again - I consider my wrist well and truly smacked!

Much to Graham's annoyance, I had the great idea of replacing the breakfast bar in the kitchen with a dining table so that we could all eat as a family. Of course this ended up being far more complicated than it looked, as our breakfast bar stretches across the middle of the kitchen, so involved removing the work top and using it to replace a stretch of worktop along one wall; removing the drawer pedestal in the middle of the room and using it to replace the cupboard next to the cooker. Graham then had to lift half the laminate flooring to re-lay it so that there wasn't a big gap. And he then had to tile more of a splashback along one wall. At least I helped put the dining table and chairs together though.

And what a difference!!

This is the before picture (from 6 yrs ago)  

And this the after.....     

This week I also had the second last of the Earlybird Plus Workshops and Scott's school review meeting which went quite well.... academically Scott is coping fine; with maths and reading. Writing is a different matter though and the school are going to refer him to something similar to alphasmart, so that he will be able to do his writing tasks on a keyboard. The Ed Psych and Scott's class teacher have the planning in place for the "circle of friends" strategy, so as soon as Scott's teacher is back from sick leave they will start that. There is also a playground initiative starting soon, and they plan to ask Scott to volunteer for that too. So they seem to be trying a few things to help him and he will also continue with the motor skills group that one of the teachers runs 2 mornings a week before school.

I got my parcel from Mad About Cards yesterday, loads of buttons from their pound shop - you have to have a lookie, its great for restocking your stash. I also got 5 of the papermania colossal pads; amethyst infusion, antique cream, ivory black, olivine and venetian skies - all for £1 each!! my other bargains were the x-cut border punch system for £2.49, and x-cut eyelet setter - and of course the latest Creativity and Creativity Life magazines.

And finally the clooties....... for those of you not from the NE of Scotland, its another name for rags or cloths, and they are used to wind round sections of hair and used like curlers.

Faith sat still long enough for me to put them in her hair this evening - quite an achievement for little miss tornado! She particularly enjoyed helping me to rip up an old flannelette sheet and having her hair dampened with the water skoosher.

She didn't manage to keep them in for very long so I decided to try plaits instead - so I'll see how long they stay in her head :) If she manages to keep them in overnight I'll nip back tomorrow with a pic of her with wavy hair

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Mar G said...

Kitchen looks great....Well Done you & Graham :)
Awwww Fayfee is so cute with her clooties in! (Wee Dumpling!) x

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