Sunday, 9 November 2008


Am all goosepimply :)

We took a trip over to Costco today, I find they are usually pretty good for unusual gifts before xmas and I've spotted a few things for the kids that I'm going to go back for, there was a fantastic huge dollshouse that looks pretty sturdy an d suitable for both Faith and Willow.

Costco have some great crafty stuff, I spotted 2 different scrapbooking sets - one of them is about 30 quid, but its not really my taste so I left it. But the other one was only just under £17 and what a bargain, it contains:

  • scrapbooking store-it-all (box)
  • 8x8 post bound scrapbook album
  • 8.5x11 post bound scrapbook album
  • 36 plain 12x12 papers
  • 3 paper edging scissors
  • 26 chipboard alphabet letters
  • 34 buttons
  • 92 alphabet glitter stickers
  • 10 chipboard embellishments
  • 160 flowery brads
  • 6 woven labels
  • 180 paper flowers (in a bonny wee bottle)
  • 10 feet of ribbons
  • 17 feet of fibres
  • 1 metal bucket

The manufacturer is Portafolia and it all looks pretty good stuff, and of course is acid free.


Mar G said...

Oh I knew you would buy that box & now I WANT one!
I'm sure Lorna has a Cosco card you know ;) Lol
Looks really good & well worth £17!

Lainy's Little Blog said...

I've got the pink version! It's fab, isn't it? What a bargain. Haven't had much of a chance to use it yet! We can compare notes. lol :0)

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