Sunday, 20 June 2010


I think my head is in a bin just now... I completely forgot to share a couple of things with you.
Firstly, and I don't know how I managed to forget to tell you this, but on Thursday I had a wee treat. Dropped Graham off at the heliport and had a run over to our very own local superstar Kath for a cuppy and a crafty gossip. We were blessed with a little sunshine, fab scones, wonderful company - not just Kath, but the lovely Anne from Simply Create, and the gorgeous Lyn who I'd not met before. It was lovely to catch up with you girls and really nice to meet you Lyn - get that blog up and going so I can nosey at your crafting missus!
 And of course we can't forget to mention the stunningly handsome and all round cuddly gorgeousness that is Buddy, who Faith has fallen in love with. We had a great time and we'll have to do it again soon ladies.

Now, the other thing I forgot to share with you was my last DT Tutorial over at the PfP Weekend Workshop. It's just a simple one this time with a very cute little Scotsman - I just had to overdo the Scottish/tartan theme for my last DT card, I was having a bit of a rebellion of my own because I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with the sight of St George's crosses everywhere with the World Cup lol

So here goes....

This week I've chosen the Scotland Ian set from Digital Delights by Louby Lou as it fits in well with my theme for next week's PfP Challenge (you'll have to wait til then to find out the theme)

I use a slightly different style of colouring for this kind of whimsical character compared to the style I use for more anatomically correct characters.

Firstly I have printed the image out onto Stampin' Up Whisper White cardstock on my HP Photosmart printer

I've chosen to colour the skin next - I started colouring the darkest areas, under the hair line, under the chin, under the sleeves and kilt with Coral. Just colouring a small area. I then coloured over the Coral and outwards with Sunkissed Pink then repeated this for the remaining skin areas with Blush, colouring with small circular motions. By colouring over the darker shades, you blend away any hard lines between the shades.

I chose to colour the jacket and hat with one of the grey collections - in this case I've used Warm Greys 1-5. I started out with the WG5 next to the outlines of the jacket and hat. Colouring over this and slightly more towards the middle of each area with WG4, I repeated this stage with WG3, 2 and 1. Again, by colouring over what you have previously coloured at each stage, it will ensure any hard lines are blended.

At this point I added a little shading with WG1 to the areas of the image that I wanted to remain white eg; his frilly shirt, the pompom on his hat, his sporran and his socks

To complete his outfit, I used WG 4 to add some shading where I imagine there would be some shadow on his kilt. I did this before I coloured it as I find it easier when using several colours to colour in an item of clothing eg tartan, checks, patterns etc

I then used Yellow, Petrol Blue and China Blue to colour his kilt. I also used WG 3 & 5 to colour the other parts of his sporran, and Black to his shoes. I haven't shown it in the pics, but I will add some embellishments to his jacket for the buttons and I will highlight his shoes with sakura white gel pen.


Macpurp said...

sounds like a lovely day was had by all!

this is a great tutorial on colouring!
love that wee image!

love teen x

CraftyC said...

Fab tutorial Debs and you have coloured him beautifully!

kath said...

wow...this is stunning...I have these images but oh boy I could never in a million years colour it like you...and wasn't it a fabby day....must do it all again sometime soon....big hugs kath xxx

shellshearer said...

Wow hun he looks great...thanks for the tutorial...

hugs shell xx hope pepsi is ok..

Vicky said...

Hi Debbi I absolutely adore this little fella & you have coloured him perfectly. Everyone will miss you, take care hunni, pop back soon though

Love & hugs Vicky xxx

Pjay said...

Great Tutorial, love this image he's great. Really gonna miss seeing your comments on my PfP entries, good luck for the future, I will check in here to see what you've been up to.
Pjay xxx

Clare said...

Your colouring is amazing Debbi, I love it and your Scotsman! TFS, love, Clare x

Mar G said...

Glad you enjoyed your wee jaunt to Kath's...Tea, scones & a good (crafty) gab - Ideal :-)
I love what you did with Ian he's just braw...As always your colouring is fab...VERY well done! x

Meahni said...

You are so good with these markers! Are those prismas ever going to see the light of day again, lol!!! Best you come visit and colour with me...

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