Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Tale of Woe

Now, before you start thinking, oh God, what's up with her now - this isn't about me, its about my poor little sausage - Princess Pepsi.

Over the last week I've noticed she seems a little wobbly on her back legs and has fallen over once or twice - the only way I know how to explain it really is to compare it to when my legs just go from under me, I have bilateral hip dysplasia so it happens now and again.

So I took her along to the vet and explained all of this to him, he examined her back legs pretty thoroughly and came to the conclusion that she has luxating patellas in both back legs. Basically what this means is that instead of sitting in the groove at the end of the femur (thigh bone), her kneecaps float around. She has quite a severe case so her kneecaps are sitting on the insides of her legs instead of where her knee should be.

She needs surgery on both legs - obviously not both at the same time though or we'd have to rig her up with some wheels!. She had the first leg done on Monday - they deepend the groove on the end of her femur so that the kneecap sits in place better and they also had to move the tendon with a bit of bone to keep everything straight. So quite major orthopaedic surgery really.

She got home on Tuesday afternoon and looks so sorry for herself. She's got one of those lampshade collars on to stop her from licking at her stitches - although the wee monkey still manages to have a sly lick when I'm not looking. They also shaved both hind legs from her feet right up past her hips - so she looks like she has a mohican on her behind.

I've uploaded a wee video and some pics of her so you can see my poor wee pumpkin.

She's actually recovering pretty well, but as is typical of cavvies, she is milking the sympathy vote. :)

 You can see her stitches in that one

And of course there's no show without Punch - so Ziggy, who missed her heaps when she was away at the vet's wanted in on the act...

Ziggy was just so lost - he spent the whole evening on Monday, mooching around looking for pepsi then curled up in her bed to wait for her .


Gina said...

Awwww give her a big cuddle from me and ellie, love the video and how she can still run on 3 legs :)
Hugs Gina xxx

Kat said...

Poor wee Pepsi. What a lot for a little doggie to go through. Nice to see her running around though. Love her mohican lol!

Kat xx

Marie said...

Oh dear! Poor doggie! Hope the surgery will help her. So sweet to see the cat missing her so. Hope it all works out fine.

Ruthie said...

Get well soon Pepsi - and hugs to Ziggy!


shellshearer said...

Awww the poor baby...give her hugs from me hun..she still looks soooooooo happy she fab...hi Ziggy!!
hugs for you all shellx x

kath said...

aw poor little sweet that her kitty friend missed her so much....hope it all done and dusted soon and she gets back to tearing around the garden.....absolutely bushed after our mega chatathon today but it was wonderful to see everyone....big hugs kath xxx

Macpurp said...

oh poor Princess Pepsi! gentle cuddles for her from all of us here.... hugs.

when dose she get the next op done?

love teen & co x

Anne said...

Hi Debbie , great to see you at Kath's today . Wasn't it fun ?? and
What a sweetie Pepsi is -- wishing her speedy recovery
Big hug
Anne xxx

coldwaters2 said...

Awwww Debbi she is adorable it will be so much better when the other leg is done

Lorraine x

mimijudy1975 said...

Pepsi is just beautiful. I feel so sorry for her,but I bet she will be fine in a little while. these little ones are our babies,aren't they? I have a little 7 yr old ,7lb. Maltese who is my precious baby.
It's so touching at how your kitty missed her. They do get close to their buddies.
Take care and give her lots of hugs.

Emma said...

Aw poor little Pepsi, sure hope she is all sorted and better very soon.
Missing your humour too over at PFP, come back all is forgiven!!! Lol ;-)
Hugs Emma x

Meahni said...

Shame poor little girl! Hope she is MUCH better now. They are too cute I wanna grab them and squeeze them both :-)

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