Saturday, 19 March 2011

Simple Hair Tutorial - Blondes

I'm updating all my promarker tutorials and today it's the turn of blonde hair. Now I have done 3 different versions that are all slighly different depending on what kind of blonde you prefer. All 3 versions use only 3 colours though so are nice and easy.

I have used: Strawberry Patch rubber stamp from Sugar Nellie, Memento ink pad and Stampin' Up whisper white card stock throughout.

Blonde 1
 I have started out lightly colouring the areas I imagine would be darkest with Cinnamon

 I then colour over the Cinnamon, and further into the white areas with Saffron - colouring over the darker shade helps to blend the 2 shades together

 Lastly I colour over the 2 previous shades and further out into the white areas with Vanilla - I have left some of the white areas uncoloured where the light would be reflected. These colours give a soft honey blonde effect.

Blonde 2
We're starting a bit darker this time, and colouring the darkest areas with Cocoa - I'm going to be using the same technique for each of the 3 different blondes, just changing the colours I've used.

Colour over the Cocoa and outwards onto the white areas with Pastel Yellow, you don't need to be heavy handed, just repeat until you're happy with the effect.

And lastly I have coloured over the last 2 shades and outwards into the white areas with Buttercup - again I have left a little of the white areas uncoloured - but if you want a smoother look you could colour over all of the hair with a pale shade like Ivory. These colours give a much brighter, bolder blonde than the first one.

Blonde 3
For my 3rd version we'll start off colouring the darkest areas with Caramel - there's no need to lay down a lot of colour (the more colour you lay down, the more ink you will use to try and blend the colours).

The mid tone I've used this time is Sandstone, and I have lightly covered over the Caramel areas and outwards in the uncoloured areas of the hair a little.

And lastly I have coloured over the 2 darker tones and outwards into the white with Buttercup - again leaving some white areas uncoloured.
This is a cooler blonde compared to the other two.

But you don't have to stick to these colours at all - the trick is to experiment with colours, if it doesn't work out then it's only a piece of paper that has to go in the bin. If you come up with a colour combination that you like, please come and let me know - it's always interesting to see what other people use.


cebelica said...

Thanks for another fab tutorial!

Sylvia x said...

thank you so much for these fab tutorials

sylvia x

may-chu said...

thanks for the great tutorial!

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Debbi,
Thank you for such wonderful tutorials. I love the blondes and Brunettes as most of my friends are blondes,brunettes. Have a lovely day. JO.xx

Lorraine said...

thanks so much i always struggle with blonde hair this is a great help xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

More helpful tuts Debbi, thanks. I love these new Mangas, she is on my wish list. I look forward to the black hair tutorial, always the most difficult for me. Marianne x

Shazza said...

thanks Debbie, these are different colours to the ones I use for blondes so will give them a try- always good to have lots of options x

saturated canary said...

lovely:)...your tutorial posts are so fun to go through. i like blonde #2 best...could never get my hair blonde:(--boo!...oh well, love your blondies and now i'm in the mood for some coloring:)

have a great weekend!! xoxo

nnalorac said...

Delivery of more colours dropped onto my doorstep today, can't wait to have a bash Debbi but will have to wait till tomorrow, serious business this trying them out, ha ha, how old am I!! Thanks for your fab tutorials, you make it look soooo easy, bet it won't be when I get playing! Hope your having a good weekend. Really looking forward to meeting up in April for some expert advice. Carolxx

akilli melek said...

It is great to see different options on the same theme.
thanks for the tutorials.

Macpurp said...

thanks for this! WHo knew you could get so many blondes!!!!
hope you had a great demo today
love teen xx

Samantha said...

Wow great tutorial! Thanks! I have this bookmarked for when I next need to colour blonde hair!

Samantha xx

Paula said...

I cannot get over the vivacity in these 3 - brilliant again & it's so itneresting to have the 3 together to compare.
Hope your demo went OK??
Paula (PEP)

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much Debbi, for that tutorial, I struggle so much with blondes, mind you I dont have the pens either, but now at least I can buy some, as I love the blonde hair on so many images. I added this tutorial to my favourites, so I can look as often as I need. Again thanks....

shell said...

Hiya Debbi, thanks so much for taking the time to do these tut's for us you have helped me so much with them. i would have never thought off using the colours you do THANK YOU :-0)
Shell xx

The Little Stamper said...

I am loving your new tutorials! Please keep them coming as they are so helpful when it comes to choosing the right colour combinations!

Sharon x

lilavati said...

Thanks for the great tutorial!

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