Monday, 2 May 2011


well I'm making the most of this fantastic weather - and I'm trying to take as many pics as possible. People seem to think that Aberdeen - the Granite City, is a pretty miserable, grey and rainy place to stay and it really isn't. We have some of the most spectacular scenery in and around Aberdeen city and shire and I will always call this home - hmmm think I must have a hormone imbalance of some description, seem to be awfully emotional lately.
Anyway, I was off out to Torphins yesterday which is where I was born and bred, my parents still live out there as does my brother and his family, so I thought I'd share some pics of another beautiful day...
 Faith having a sneaky wee grin to herself cos she managed to con another biscuit out of Nana

 Playing nicely - lasted all of 5 minutes

 Clachnaben off in the distance

 another (not so zoomed in) pic of Clachnaben

 Looking towards Craigmyle

 Isn't this just a fab view that my mum and dad get from their house? if you double click on the pic you can see a tower on top of the wee hill in the centre of the photo - that is Scolty Tower near Banchory, which was built in memory of General William Burnett who fought alongside Wellington in the Napoleonic Wars.

 I just liked the variety of trees behind their house - some Scots Pine...
 and some Silver Birch.

 and Beech

 Willow concentrating

 On the lounger

 Pepsi enjoying the fresh country air

 Scott having a break from terrorising the girls


And on the way home I just had to stop and take a pic of these new wee lambies


Suze Bain said...

Gorgeous photos Debbi (and a bit of local history thrown in too - and yes I've been up Scolty). My folks live in Torphins too - small world! xx

Kat said...

Lovely photos Debbi. We do great scenery round about here don't we?

Kat xx

kath said...

gorgeous pics of the kiddywinks and oh yes wouldn't live anywhere else either...and yeehaa the sun is out again....big hugs kath xxx

saturated canary said...

love the family pics...your girls are so cute! so blonde, the other with that dark pretty!:)...

and the scenery is amazing...i'm a little jealous:)...we don't have hills or mountains here. but i'll live a little through those gorgeous pics of yours:)'s spectacular!

have a great day!!:) xoxo

Paula said...

It's lovely seeing your scenery & I know what you mean; we overlook the Brecon Valley towards a mountain too. The lambs are super & as Krista says your two girls are so striking with the one being dark & the other fair. Pepsi looks a bit happier than last time.
Paula (PEP)

Ribbon Girl said...

Love the photos you've taken, also the ones further down the blog - the kiddywinks and Pepsi look so cute(especially the very bored Pepsi lol) My favourite is the tree foliage you took lying on your back, it is so beautiful. Mary G x

Kokobean said...

These were lovely pics and made me think back to when I lived in Scotland. My family lived in Hatton for 4 years and at Old Slains Castle just outside Collieston for a year before that. Happy memories

Hugs, Karen xxx

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