Sunday, 1 May 2011


I just love this weather, not a cloud in the sky - plenty of fresh air and fun. In fact this is one of the reasons why I want to move to Canberra, because they get more of this weather than we do.
Anyway, here are some pics from yesterday - I'm off for a jaunt out Royal Deeside to visit my mum and dad.
 This is Ziggy trying to find the frog - he could hear him but he couldn't see him lol



 I was lying on my back looking up at the trees and these colours just really appealed to me :)

 Princess Pepsi, a wee bit puggled with the heat

 Faith's so white she's almost pale blue lol

 And Scott really is pale blue! 
 This is how close we live to the sea, isn't it fab??

 Princess Pepsi sitting up at the picnic table

 Princess Pepsi hiding under the bamboo

totally fed up!!


Fluffles said...

It's been soooooooooo fine hasn't it! Lovely family shots - we've got to make the most of this weather haven't we. Just hope it lasts thru till Summer. Jx

Macpurp said...

oooh lovely sunny pics!!!
love teen xx

akilli melek said...

dont you just wish that we could have this weather all of the time. We do have such a beautiful country.
Love your farewell cards in the post below too


Papeterie said...

cute Debbi the kids and princess pepsi look to be having so much fun x

~ Ali Watson ~ said...

Beautiful pictures Debbi!

ali x

Paula said...

Lovely to see your family including the animals. I think you have a better deal here than if you were in Canberra - that scenery is beautiful with the sea so close. Did Ziggy find the frog?

Congratulations on being amongst the Papeterie winners too - I did like your lovely sunny colours on the Gorjuss girl.

Paula (PEP)

Erika said...

Fabby family pics. Need to scrapbook them now! Happy crafting. x

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