Thursday, 19 May 2011

Saving Daisy

I was very touched to read about this story on Kirsty Wiseman's blog, a facebook friend of Kirsty's has a wee Jack Russell called Daisy and basically, long story short, we need to raise £1600 to pay for her vets bills or she will be put to sleep. Now the reason this story struck a chord with me is because Daisy is owned by a lady called Janey and her son Tom who has Aspergers which is a condition on the autistic spectrum, and some of you know that my son Scott is on the spectrum too.

If you pop on over to Kirsty's blog you can find out all about the raffle she has organised, so for a small donation you are not only helping raise the necessary funds to save Daisy's life but you could also win some crafty goodies.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Debs, as you know I've been away but I'm now trying to catch up with some commenting. This wee dog is just adorable so I will be popping over to Kirsty's blog after finishing this comment. My step-grandson also has Asperger's so I have some knowledge of it. I thought you might be interested to know that he is now 19 and doing okay. Although he has had his ups and downs he is now at university in Aberdeen studying forensic science and enjoying it. Elizabeth x PS: Re: the windmills - have you guessed where they are yet?

Kokobean said...

What a shame I was too late seeing this. I went straight over but the draw is closed (stupid holiday!!). Felt for Daisys family as we were faced with similar situation when our cat was still very young. Theres no way we could have Whiskey put down so we paid, we were lucky that the vet accepted installments. That was 10 years ago and although a very grumpy cat at times, Whiskey has given us so much joy since :o)
I wish Daisy and her family all the best

Karen xxx

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