Friday, 15 July 2011

Thank You & A Give Away

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I just wanted to do a quick post to say a big thank you to all of you who took the time to critique my first video tut. If you haven't seen it yet, it's here. You are all so kind and you've eased my mind about my clarity of speech and accent. So, I will be making some more videos for you - although you may have to bear with me a little while, Graham goes offshore tomorrow and he's my editor/producer/director and does all the whizz-kid type stuff with it. I just plonk the camera on the tripod next to me and press record lol

So what kind of things would you like me to do video tuts on? Marianne has already suggested black hair, so that'll be first on my list - I know a lot of people struggle with this. So how would you like a little incentive? Ok I'll be giving away a few packs of the brand new Ultra-Fine nibs from Letraset which click onto the bullet nib end of your promarkers. The number of packs I give away will depend on the number of suggestions I get - will update you as it goes along.
If you haven't seen these nibs in action, then click here to read my review.
 To be in the draw to win a pack of 3 Ultra Fine Nibs for your promarkers, all you have to do is leave a suggestion - what would you like me to demonstrate in a video tutorial?
Please feel free to spread the word about this giveaway, the more entries, the more packs I will give away. ** I will give 3 packs away if we reach 50 entries, and 1 pack for every 25 comments after that**
The closing date is Friday 15th July at noon GMT


Crafty Cat said...

Hi, I'd quite like to see a tutorial for realistic looking fur, perhaps using the new nibs? x Carol

Suzi said...

Hi Debz, I thouroughly enjoyed your first video Tutorial and I would love to see more, I would love to have you show (me) us! how to leave white patches in clothes. I hope I'm making sense. I've always found this really difficult. I must be doing something wrong.!!! Thanks for the chance to win.
Suzi x

Paula said...

This is going to sound rather exacting but bit by bit it would be really helpful to go through the whole colouring of a figure, maybe starting with the skin, then different hair colours & types of hair - with the different ways that stamps depict hair - I'm still very much intimidated by colouring especially when it comes to how to determine the light source........
Thanks for a chance at trying some of these nibs out.
Paula (PEP)
Take care whilst Graham is away.

fionalawlor said...

Hi Debbie :)
If you could do a tutorial on "grounding" images , like on grass and/or floor, I would love to see how it is done as I always struggle with this.
Many thanks,
Fiona L x

Fiona said...

wow Debbi...fab giveaway and your tutorial was excellent now I would love for you to do a tutorial on how to colour white clothes or shading the correct areas.


Jane said...

Fancy Graham going away to work when there are imapatient crafters waiting for more video tuts - chuckling here. I agree black hair would be fab so would blue and red. I am really looking forward to more fab videos.

Debs said...

Hi Debbi..i would love if you could do some type of bear or other animal..i always struggle with fur!!

hugs Debs x

Fluffles said...

Hi Debbi, just watched the first tutorial & it was really useful. Other things I'd like you to cover would include;

Brown Teddy Bears - either LOTV or Forever Friends.

Water - ie sea - I have a few boat stamps.

& finally monochrome like you had sheets of of the gorjuss girl sitting - a tut on them would be great.

Hope the holidays going well you off anywhere? Jx

Debs M said...

shading behind images to make them pop and red hair please x

Anita said...

Hi Debbi,
I really liked your tutorial. I color with promarkers all the time, They are amazing. I would like to see more of your coloring. Witch colors you use and how you blend them. Also shades are interesting. I hope they start selling the nibs in the Netherlands soon, I can't wait to try them. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed, thanks for the chance to win some. X Anita I posted about your great candy in my sidebar.

Aunty Sue said...

Oh I need help woth colouring dogs please

leia said...

Loved the tutorial - it was really helpful thank you and was interesting to see the colours you used for skin! I had loads of suggestions for future tutorials but after having a nose around your blog realised you already have soo many useful tutorials :-) One thing you don't see much though are tutorials for red hair x

jenny said...

Hi Debbi,
I would love to see a tutorial for different skin tones please :)

Hope you are enjoying the holidays x

Jenny x

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Debbi, as you know I frequently look at your tutorials. I'd like to see:

1. a tutorial on colouring animals better than what I do at present
2. a tutorial definitely on black hair as I struggle with that one
3. a tutorial showing how to do a sky, grassland and sea effectively as mine leave a lot to be desired.

I really do appreciate people like yourself taking time out to help others. Best wishes, kym xxx

Suze Bain said...

Debbi, I really like the sepia colouring but I also really like bold hair colour - red, green, purple etc! I'm easily pleased though, anything will do! xx

Marianne said...

I think it's very difficult to colour black (dogs) in different shades. Could you show me how you do this. xx Marianne

Kellylouj said...

I would love to see a demonstration on how to colour backgrounds such as the sky, greenery and brick/wood as I always struggle with this x

Erika said...

Black hair is a definite for me too and maybe red would be good. Those fine nibs look swell...I've been saying for a while someone should design a pen with the brush like a copic and a fine nib like this. The all round best for us crafters. Loved your tutorial too Debbi.

Mrs Weyremaster said...

I'd love a tutorial on colouring really pale/white hair. I got some Fine Nibs today, and love them already:)

Becky Dunham said...

Hi Deb - watched your vid! I love listening to you talk :) I used to know a lady from Scotland and we have lost touch but you sound so much like her, brought back fond memories. My favorite thing about this vid is that as you were coloring the hair, I could actually see the face lightening up as the markers were drying! What a fabulous process!

Ok as for suggestions... everything! I want to see everything! I actually don't own any good coloring markers like Promarkers or Aquas or anything. I color with my Prismacolor colored pencils but watching you makes me want to try markers - now if my budget would just cooperate. But watching made me think about how i go about coloring all wrong and I could just watch your process over and over. Black hair would be great, blond, red would be great too, and skin. I use a lot of "people" stamps, TPS and Sweet pea mostly. Speaking of SPS, wings would be good too! and scales! Sorry you asked?

So, for your drawing, since I don't own any Promarkers and not likely to own any in the very near future, if you pick my name, pick again please. I would rather somebody else win that could use them :) Sorry this is so long - have not checked in with you (or anybody else) for a while.
Hugs - Becky

rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

Pamela said...

How about a 'sky' tutorial, either nightime or day. I'm not sure how to get that gradual light to dark effect. Thanks.

Geraldine said...

Hi Debbi, I love your first tutorial, love your accent, you are a pro. I would love some christmas colouring, I struggle with reds and also shading for snowman images. I also want to give you a pat on the back - 346 days without smoking, as an ex smoker I know how tough this is, well done!!!

Kat said...

I'd like to see you colouring animals please Debbi, especially bears. I'm really bad at colouring bears!

Kat xx

Anonymous said...

I ♥♥♥'ed your 1st tutorial it was very helpfull.....tahnk you! And I understood you perfectly! Would love more promarker tutorials. You can never have enough help with them. And I love to learn tips/tricks/methods of other crafters


I've seen the promarkers, but never used them. This makes me want to invest in them and give them a go. thanks for the tutorials! Hugs! Leah Ann

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Debbi!
I loved your video Tutorial on doing faces especially how you did the eyes in the two colors.
Being very, very new to Promarkers I need all the help I can get. There isn't much out there on coloring with these markers.
I would love to see blending techniques. Also what colors go toegether and anything else.
the Promarker Ultra-Fine nibs look fabulous. I would love to have them in my new collection.
Hugs Maz

Mumfie said...

Thanks for the tutorial, it was really helpful. Would love to see some tutorials on colouring hair, as I have dificulty with getting it to look right.

LorraineM said...

I tried to colour hair that was in tight curls but couldn't get it right. It was a girl image but suppose it could be used for the likes of a poodle :) I will learn something from any of your videos so just keep them coming. Thanks x
Question - Do you need an utra-fine bib for each promarker or are they interchangable? Sorry if it is a stupid question.

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Hi Debbi, I know I've already suggested black hair but the other thing I would realy like is colouring big dresses like some of the WOJ and Kraftin' Kimmie girls. Like hair it is a bit easier when there are lines and fold but when there are none, eek. Can't gte the hang of leaving white spaces. Always looks as though it should be coloured and I end up colouring with a pale colour. Woudl absolutely LOVE to win some of these. Marianne x

Lorraine said...

Hi Debbie, it was a great video I really feel like I know what I'm doing now. I would like to know where to leave the whit bits on hair and clothes etc and also how to decide were to put the darker bits for shadowing. xx

Cathy said...

It was a fab tut Debbi ... I am RUBBISH at doing blond hair so it looks real, rather than yellow!!!!!

I want those ickle nibs .. .but I don't need to replace any of my promarkers at the mo .. .what colours are they in the 3 packs?
Cathy xx

Shazza said...

oooh I could watch colouring tips all day!! How about shading on clothes for a tutorial. I need these nibs methinks x

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial its good to have something to refer back to. Blonde hair would be a good one and also white patches on clothes.


Lorraine said...

i thought your video was fab,what i struggle with is animal fur or coats and golden blonde hair not bright yellow lol xx

Macpurp said...

hair, hair, mainly, but also doing monochromic in black and white or browns. Loved your Tut. No problems understanding you at all!
love teen xx

mixamatoasties said...

Debz, your tut is fab! And you may have an accent honey, but it's a fine one. Loved seeing the wee boy come to life. I can see now where your burnt orange comes in. I've only ever coloured from light to dark but I'm going to try your way now. (after I've visited the craft shop to get burnt orange and coral.... and cinnamon and almond and and and ......) Would love to see you colour some bears - I've brought a stamped Fizzy Moon image with me on holiday and I looked at it and thought, I've no idea where to begin, lol!! Can't wait for your next tut. Susan xxxx

Thistleblue said...

Evening Debbi,

I enjoyed your first video, thanks for sharing. I'd love to see a few things, colouring water, colouring clothes, like dresses with the shadows of folds, (hope you know what i mean) and doing black hair, i'm not so good at black hair.... or the fab brightly coloured hair you do. hope you have a fab weekend!

Rosa-kreattiva said...

io ho iniziato da poco a fare scrapbooking e sarebbe bello scoprire come fare sovrapposizioni di immagini e di colore, e come colorare con acqua
i am old follower
slidebar on
ciao rosa.kreattiva

Molossus said...

I'd love to see something about choosing the promarker colors that make each other pop. I know the basic theory--complimentary colors, yada--but I'd like to know which Promarkers are the best complimentary colors to each other.

DraNKa said...


I'd love to see a tutorial about creative usage of bright, vibrant promarker colours. Using light, pastel colours is easy, because they blend easily, but the 'stronger' colours like reds or maroon are a bit tricky.
I'd love to see how you mix/match/blend them!

xxxtglxxx said...

Loved your tutorial Debbi :)

Colouring black is hard for me - hair, clothing etc., in fact I agree with Paula - hair of any description is my biggest challenge on a project, and usually what I attempt first in case it all goes wrong! :D


lalkygirl said...

hi debbie
love the tutorials ,i learned to colour usiong them,i would love to see asian/oriental skin ,i can never get the colours right,
how to do grass and water,
how to make wood/fences look realistic.
colouring using just sepia tones for a vintage look
the cheek of that long list ....if anyone can show us its you so
thanks again and i look forward to more of your fab tutorials
happy craftin
tracey x

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Hi hun, hope your ok!
I have followed the red hair tut you did for me! But I would love to see you do it, maybe mine would look better after seeing you do it!
I also would love to see sky done, I have seen vids for copics but not promarkers & I think it would be a fab one to do hun
hugs shell xx

Kelly said...

I would love to see one on colouring fur!!

monica said...

mi piacerebbe sapere o meglio vedere fare le ombreggiature

DI said...

Love your blog great ideas could you please show how to use the blender pens. Thank you

Ali said...

I'd love to see tutorials on:
A colouring blonde hair
B How to add a shine to shoes
C colouring clothes - how to shade them properly.

Thanks so much for asking for suggestions, will be sure follow your blog somehow. [The follower box doesn't show for me on any blog so I can't follow that way]

Thanks Ali x

Delia said...

I have used the fine nibs on the Tria markers, but think that it's fabulous that they are now available for all Promarkers as I have a load of those already!
You can certainly create very fine detail with these!

Sandra said...

Great tutorial Debbi. Thank you. Look forward to seeing more!

akilli melek said...

Any chance you could do a tutorial showing the different results that promarkers get using different papers.
i know the draw has finished but i thought that this would be the best place for the question

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