Monday, 4 July 2011

My First Video Tut

At long last, I have actually got my behind in gear and had a go at a video tutorial. I've kept it short, sweet and simple just until I get the hang of it.
I have stamped "number 1 fan"from Sugar Nellie with Memento Tuxedo Black ink, onto Stampin' Up whisper white card stock and I am using the following promarkers: Burnt Orange, Coral, Sunkissed Pink, Blush, Walnut, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Tan and Almond.
Sorry about the wee bit of wobbling, think the camera must be pretty sensitive - I did have it on a tripod. And I also need to apologise for my voice - please let me know if you can understand what I'm saying, I don't think I have an accent but I've been told I really do lol
I would appreciate all comments and suggestions, don't worry, I'm not afraid of constructive criticism. So are you ready?....

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Suze Bain said...

Wowzer Debs, this is fab, a big pat on the back from me! Of course you do have an accent but you are very clear and concise and the video wasn't too long. Well done! Suze xx

Fiona said...

oh fabby make it look so easy!!

Well done Debbi!!


Paula said...

Congratulations - i got so excited watching & seeing the character of his face come alive, especially the way you coloured those eyes. I didn't find your voice a problem at all - just lightly Scottishfied. I found it so helpful being able to see how you coloured over the darker layers with the lighter & if it hadn't blended enough just did another layer without scrubbing about in one place for too long - just completing each layer & then re-layering (hard to describe what I mean).
Impressed at how the colour didn't sprea/bleed on the SU Whisper White too.
Thanks for this - very helfpul indeed & I have to say the more I see of the ProMarkers the more I like them. These new nibs are something else - I particularly like that ProMarjkers are British made & so aren't a problem to get hold of, plus it is actually possible to collect all the colours whereas that is nigh impossible with the Copics (unless one has a bottomless Bank Manager), now I've wittered but as you can see it was thought provoking.
Paula (PEP)

Debs M said...

understood perfectly, great tutorial! x

Karen Lewis said...

Wonderful tutorial! I really must get out my promarkers and have a play. No need for apologies about the voice. You sound fine to me. And I see that you aren't far off a special anniversary. :-]

Many thanks,


Elaine said...

Fabulous Debbi! Very easy to watch and understand. You do have an accent but easily understandable (Mind you, I'm used to chatting with Gayle!)

I guess I still need to try Promarkers.

Love Elaine xx

Suzi said...

Wonderful Tutorial Debz, went to my local store yesterdayt to buy the fine tips and they informed me that they would not be getting them in for quite some time as they had just recently recieved an order or promarkers pens and that they were informed by promarkers that the tips were only available if they took out another order. Pffff.... how is a crafter going to get hold of these amazing tips I wonder. !!! sorry for the moan, I'm just a bit annoyed at promarkers. They are plugging their poduct but not making it available unless the retailers buy more promarkers.
Suzi x

Lou Mac said...

This.. is GENIUS!!

Such a fab tutorial. LOVE your accent, the way out say 'sugar' and 'burnt orange' is just brilliant! I understood every single word - you needn't worry!!

As for comments and suggestions.. MORE TUTORIALS! LOL.

Thanks for sharing, xo Lou.

saturated canary said...

i think this is fab!! you did a great job explaining your coloring techniques...i really need to try starting with the shadows first, and then moving to the lighter colors. i always work opposite-- but looking at your finished product and how beautifully he is colored...i think i need to switch up!:) and LOVE your accent!:) it is definitely there-- but so beautiful!!! i could listen to you talk all day. i love it!!

great job girly!! xoxo

Cecilia Reyes said...

Debbi: great video... I use copics most of the times, but that fine nibs of the promarkers are excellent for fine details!!!
Thanks for the video!!!

Loopylou. said...

debbi hun that video is just awesome and i love how you coloured him up. The fine nibs look so cool, got to get me some! thank you for taking the time to do such a fab video, cant wait for the next one hugs Lou xxx

kath said...

fabulous fabulous fabulous...very professional and I loved your posh Aberdeenshire accent....hugs kath xxx

Jane said...

Fab tutorial Debbie xx

Anne said...

Thanks Debbi , for a fantastic video and sharing your professional techniques
Anne xxxxxxx

Thistleblue said...

Morning Debbi,
fab video, nice and easy to follow and I understood everything you said (though I am Scottish so that may help).

I'm surprised at using the burnt orange but the effect is gorgeous, really natural looking. The ultra fine nibs look great too, need to get some ordered.
Have a great day Debbi.

conor said...

Oh Debbie thank you for that. I keep trying to colour right but it never looks good. this has really helped me, can't wait to have a go now. Your voice was perfect by the way. xx

Lorraine said...

Oh Debbie thank you for that. I keep trying to colour right but it never looks good. this has really helped me, can't wait to have a go now. Your voice was perfect by the way. xx P.S sorry the first comment went under the wrong name.

LorraineM said...

Thank you Debbi - love your classes but this video is an extra bonus and
I like to hear the scottish accent. x

Toucan Scraps said...

you have a lovely voice.

Shazza said...

great video Debbie, yes you do have an accent but I understood every word.
What paper do you use as if I try more than three colours for skin tone it seems to overload the paper and doesn't look so good?

Kat said...

Fabulous tutorial Debbi. Really clear and well explained. And your voice sounds fine to me!

Kat xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This is fab and so nice to know what you sound like now. I love your accent and of course it isn;t hard to understand. It is so much easier to see in a video. I'm glad to see that you ahve to go over more than once sometimes, I thought that was me being useless at it. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to use burnt orange yet on skin. Very inspirational. Can you do one on long black hair please. I find hair quite hard when they don't have any lines through it. SN images are great for the lines but some others are just outlines of hair. Marianne x

jenny said...

Great tutorial Debbi.....I never would have thought to use burnt orange for the skin tone but it looks fab!
Looking forward to more tutorials....loving these new fine nibs, will have to look some out :)

Jenny x

Marianne said...

Thanks Debbie for the good explanation. Really nice to see how you use the Promarkers. xxx Marianne

Mona E said...

Hi Debbi!

Fabulous tutorial, hun. It is much better to se a live tutorial than just images. I think you did a great job on this. All the other tuts i have seen earlier the producer has turned up the speed of their tuts and you just don`t get the same feel for the colouring technique when it is done that way. I totally understand that it is because they have to keep the length of their video down but i still don`t like it. So please keep doing it in real time.
I also want to join Marianne in her wish for a long black hair tut, lol. Pleeeeeaaaase:-) I really suck in colouring black hair, lol.
Love the bold colours you used for his skin. I usually do skin in light colours but i am starting to get tired of it so i really appreciate the inspiration. Thanks sweetie. Hugs...Mona

Sarah said...

Thank you for a brilliant tutorial, I ordered some fine nibs on Monday and they arrived today, can't wait to have a play with them x

Mrs Weyremaster said...

What a great tutorial, I'll have to try that colour combo out for skin, it's completely different to what I usually use.
You voice sounds wonderful too, very easy to understand.
Thanks for the tut

Julie said...

Brill Tut Debbi - lovely to hear your voice, very lovely soft accent!!! Hugs, Juliexx

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Debbi!
thank you so much for the Tutorial using Promarkers. I have just got myself some Promarkers so need all the help I can get. You did a super job on it. I will write down the colors you used for his face as I had no idea what colors to use.
Hugs Maz

jackid said...

I thought your vid was brilliant Debbi but you already know I love your tutorials and you have taught me so much I would still like to see white being shaded you know like on a wedding dress or something I have tried it in lightest blue and grey but to me it still looks a bit steaky these nibs look fab must get some can you interchange them or do you have to use one per colour or can you say use one for your browns and or same one for any colour
big hugs Jacki xx

Cathy said...

Fabulous tut Debbi .. .and I get how the nibs work now LOL!!!
Cathy xx

PS you have a lovely accent, totally understandable!!

~ Ali ~ said...

Wow wow wow and wow this is FANTASTIC!!!

I lurvs your accent same as Kath and KAren :) and theres nought wrong with it. Gid Scot's tongue :D

Ali x

Dragonlady said...

Fantastic tutorial Debs, thank you. You do have an accent but it is nice to put a voice to the face. I must also say congratulations on so many days not smoking - I can't believe it is nearly a year since you started.
All the best

Hugs Ali x

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