Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's Up!

well it's the first day of December, the chocolate advent calendars went up on the wall this morning - if I heard one more "mum, can we get the chocolate calendars yet?" I was gonna scream!
No sooner were they up on the wall than the demands to open the window started. Willow had hers first, then Faith piped up "mmmmmm I choose number 17" so I had to explain how advent calendars work to her again.

So this afternoon, the rest of the decs went up. I was thinking of going for minimal and tasteful this year but everything was dragged out and put up, so not so much minimal after all.

But here's our pretty tree....

Once again I've been busy busy with stuff I can't show you. But one thing I really must do this week is enter the fabulous competition Karen is running on the Sugar Nellie Blog - cos I don't know about you, but I really fancy that Spellbinders Grand Calibur under my xmas tree!!

My great crafty chum Kath is back from NYC, have missed her terribly and can't wait to hear more about all her shopping exploits. Mind you she might feel like hibernating after coming home to all this snow.

Talking of snow, here's some pics from the last few days here - and remember we live right on the coast!
 argh it's creeping up the windows

 this is after clearing the snow off the car half an hour previous to this photo being taken

One of Graham's weird snow people


Aussie Loz said...

oh, I love the snow pictures!! Have no idea what it's like to live where snow falls, it's so pretty in your photos - and I can only image the cold! brrrr!
Gorgeous tree btw - mine looks a little worse for wear as the kidlets did the decorating! ♥

nnalorac said...

Hi Debbi,
Love your snow piccies what about the tree outside, it would look gorgeous with lights on. Missed Kath too, always popping up somewhere on the net! Haven't looked out the tree yet, wondering where I'm going to fit it in and Robbie our youngest grandchild is just at the inquisitive, mischievious call it what you like age so watch out tree! Have fun in this snow. Carolxx

Anne said...

love the tree -- feeling all Christmasy now -- warm hug -- !
Looking forward to getting together soon - snow disappearing of course -- so we can hear all about Kath's antics in the Big Apple !!
Anne xxxxxxxxxxxx

martina's kaartjes said...

wow, lots of fun there !
greetings from cold belgium,

Emma said...

Gorgeous pics Debbi, this snow is madness. Stay warm and safe.
Hugs Emma x

Minami said...

The tree looks lovely :)

Kat said...

Not sure Pepsi's impressed by that snow person! Think it'll be a while before our Christmas tree goes up. If the pups got near I think they'd try to eat it lol!!

Kat xx

kath said...

love your sparkly tree and all those gorgeous snowy pics...brrrr....hugs kath xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbi, Your tree looks lovely - when it comes to children and Christmas trees there is no such thing as less is more. I live on the coast too and I've been moaning all week because all we've seen is the odd flurry - wrong coast apparently :( Elizabeth

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