Friday, 18 November 2011

Breaking Dawn

Yes, I'm off to the pictures this morning - how decadent is that!, going to the pictures at 10am on my own woohoo.
Yup, I'm off to see the latest of the Twilight movies... Breaking Dawn part 1

The kids are off to school in some home made spotty tops - thank goodness for Promarkers, I tell ya - in aid of Children in Need.

I've pledged £1 for every time I bubble at CiNRocks last night and at CiN tonight on the telly. I'm one of these emotional saps that cries at the John Lewis advert, the RSPCA and NSPCC adverts, I even bubbled at Andrea Bocelli singing Nessum Dorma last night. So there's a good chance CiN are going to make a fortune out of me :)

Hopefully I'll be back later to update this post with pics of the kids in their home-made spotty tops :)


mariska said...

And?? How was breaking dawn? Just as beautiful as the book? I hope soo! Just a couple of days and I go with a friend to this film. She is also a fan, just like me :D

Hugs mariska

Liz said...

You'll be bubbling this morning then! I saw it at midnight last night/this morning and it was good but emotional - wont give it away. Enjoy, my kids (teenagers) will be falling asleep in school today as we all went together and took my daughters friend too whose parents didnt know we were going to midnight showing!

kath said...

woohooo...get you having a morning at the flicks...loved CIN Rocks last night and yes I had a bubble or two or even three...looking forward to CIN tonight...hugs kath xxx

Sylvia x said...

Hope you enjoyed the piccies Debbi...i am soooo jealous but hopefully will get to see it next week..

Sylvia x

Paula (PEP) said...

Hope you've had a super day with the movies - I shall have to investigate as I only know of this secondhand........ Couldn't help thinking of Ugly Gordon & Fiath's delighted face when out shopping in Cardiff today.
Paula (PEP)

CraftyLoops said...

Oh my word, you lucky lady! Im going to have to drag my sister with me, failing that....Im on my todd. I really want to see this. Lee x

Macpurp said...

can't wait to see spotty kids! going to see Breaking Dawn on monday.
Will try to mind to stay and see the extra bit at the end!!

love teen xx

Macpurp said...

how much did CIN make?

love teen x

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