Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Busy Busy

Gosh, this time of year just flashes past doesn't it? Tomorrow's the 1st of December and before we know it the big day will be upon us.
But I've made a pretty good start to the xmas shopping, in fact I have the bulk of it done and dusted - xmas cards, however are another story.
Don't have anything that I can share with you at the moment, and I'll be busy over the next couple of days with a Uni assignment so I thought I'd show you some pics I've taken lately.
Now I don't pretend to be any David Bailey, I'm a point and shoot kinda girl. The one good thing about this time of year is the stunningly beautiful sunrises, and being right on the NE coast, it's such a treat to see the sun rise over the sea...

Oh, it's also St Andrew's day today - so I've come over all patriotic and changed my FB profile pic to this...
In case you don't know, this is Scotland's other flag - most of you will already be familiar with the saltire (the blue one with the diagonal white cross) The Lion Rampant is the Royal Standard of Scotland.

So what's everyone else up to today? Have you entered my candy?


Suze Bain said...

Gorgeous photos Debbi - I took a pic that morning too - wasn't it a beautiful sky. Can I ask - what are you doing at Uni? How on earth do you find the time to study! xx

Fluffles said...

Hi Debbi - I'm cooking today just made coconut blondies - a variation on brownies but soooooooo yummy! Jx

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

oh wow stunning pics hun, I'm kinda like you point & shoot!
Christmas nearly sorted in our house hubby wants new camera but as its nearly £700 he be waiting for the sales lololol!!
Ive got my Ecraft & love it, girls are nearly sorted....only ones not got prezzies yet are Charlie dawg & Freddie my Leopard gheko!

hugs shell xx

Becky Dunham said...

Oh my goodness Debbi! These pictures are gorgeous! I want so badly to visit Scotland one day - have always wanted to visit there. Now I know where in Scotland to go :) Have a lovely day Sweetie!

kath said...

gorgeous pics...I love wintry morning skies...hugs kath xxx

Paula (PEP) said...

Love your pics - we have amazing views as the sun sets over the Beacons. I agree it is absolutely whizzing by - the time that is. All the best with the Uni assignment.
As to what I'm up to - trying to get my head round the WordPress Manual!
Paula (PEP)

nnalorac said...

Lovely piccies Debs. Me! Trying to make a special card for someone, not going as planned. Hope the essay goes well. Carolxx

ribenaruby said...

Hi Debbi, what beautiful scenery pics, you lucky lady to have this view! Ruby x

CraftyLoops said...

Hi Debbi. I havent even started my Christmas shopping....arent I a boldie?! Im hopefully heading to Belfast tomorrow to start and hopefully finish it all in one go! As much as I love Christmas, the shops at this time of year do my noggin in! Im dragging my sister along with me though she did inform me this evening by text that her hair was blue/green colour and not to be shocked!! The joys of being 20! Your photos are so beautiful Debbi. I love how the trees are almost silhouetted. Stunning. Good luck with your assignment. Lee x

Shannin said...

Debbi what a gorgeous view to wake up to. It is breath taking. Hope you are having a wonderful week.


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