Sunday, 4 March 2012

Updated White Skin and Brunette Hair Tutorial

To begin with I have printed my digital stamp (Making Valentines from Saturated Canary) onto smooth white cardstock (Diamond White from The Papeterie

I will be using Burnt Orange and Coral promarkers and Sunkissed Pink and Blush Flexmarkers for the skin.

The first colour I use is Burnt Orange (with an ultra fine nib fitted), this looks very dark – but it is toned down with the blending as we go along – it gives the skin a nice healthy glow. I’ve very lightly coloured underneath the hairline around the top and sides of the face.

Using the bullet nib of the Coral promarker I have coloured over the Burnt Orange areas then moved slightly further out into the white areas of the face. I use small circular strokes. By colouring over the darker shade, I’m blending as I go.

Repeat the last step using the Sunkissed Pink flexmarker (you can use the promarker instead), again colouring over the already coloured areas and slightly further into the white area of the face. I have also made a few light strokes to accentuate the contours of her face e.g. her nose. Remember to be a little lighter-handed with the Flexmarkers as they are slightly juicier than the Promarkers.

And to finish off her face I have coloured over the Sunkissed Pink area and the remaining white areas with the Blush flexmarker (again you can use the promarker instead). It does look a little dark in the photo, but take my word for it, it dries lighter.

For her hair I will be using Black Flexmarker, Walnut, Cocoa and Cinnamon promarkers (all with ultra fine nibs fitted)

Firstly I use the Black flexmarker and very lightly lay down a little colour at the centre parting. (don't be too heavy handed with the black - the more ink you lay down, the more it takes to blend it out)

Next I used the Walnut promarker with the ultra fine nib fitted to make light wispy strokes over and outwards from the parting and inwards from each side. I find the quicker I do this, the more random the lines are – for a more natural effect.

Repeat this process with the Cocoa promarker with ultra fine nib fitted, moving further into the uncoloured area of the hair.

Then colour, lightly over the whole hair area with the Cinnamon promarker (bullet nib). You can repeat the steps with the Walnut and Cocoa promarkers if you think the hair needs more depth or definition

Next I have coloured the rest of her hair, her eyes (using Walnut, Cocoa and Cinnamon promarkers with the ultra fine nibs attached) I coloured her lips with Coral and Burnt Orange promarkers (with ultra fine nib attachments) leaving a tiny bit uncoloured in the middle as a highlight.

You can find the rest of this tutorial, for the clothing and hearts on the Letraset Blog, and here's is my finished Valentine gift box....

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Suze Bain said...

This is fab Debbi. The colouring is stunning and I just love that die cut. xx

mixamatoasties said...

That's fab! Thanks for sharing :)

Guess what I'm doing tonight....

Susan xxx

Kirsten Alicia said...

This is a great tutorial, thank you. And I love the finished image.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tut...I'm just beginning my Promarker collection, so definitely soaking up all of the info I can.

kay said...

fab tutorial,off to have a go,x

Suzi McKenzie said...

Stunningly Beautiful as always.
Makes me think i need to be braver with the amount of colour i put on the cheeks. Guess i need to practise :D

craftykitten said...

Hi Debbi, wow this is fabulous. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. It is now bookmarked so I can come back again and again.
Dawn xx

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. It is always great for me to review the technique. I am not an artist but this tutorial will help me achieve the results I want. Thanks:)

Andrea said...

Thank you for this tutorial - I have so much to learn when colouring hair.
This image is so gorgeous, and so is your box.
Love, Andrea xx

Enfys said...

Stunning! Her hair just looks so well, hairlike!! Perfect. Clever Debz..
En xx

Cloudedbrains said...

Thanks ;o)

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Wow, her hair looks amazing. I'll keep practicing. Great tip re using the fine nibs.

Erika said...

Great tutorial Debbi I am afraid I use the same colours quite often for skin and hair maybe it's time for me to have a change especially if you are going to get the Distress inks out to play with too!
Happy crafting and thanks for sharing, hugs,

kath said...

this is why you are The Queen of PM's...oh very talented one...hugs kath xxx

Paula (PEP) said...

The detail on her hair is superb - don't the strokes showing make such a difference to how real the hair looks? The little highlight on her lips makes such a difference too. Thanks for this.
Paula (PEP)

ribenaruby said...

Hi Debbi, thanks so much for the tutorial! Ruby x

Laura said...

Thanks for the fab tutorial Debbi!
Laura xx

nnalorac said...

Thanks Debbi, great wee tutorial for me to come back to, probably more than once! Love the skin tones on this one, roll on Summer. Carolxx

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