Saturday, 6 September 2008

Beautiful Brides and camera-shy kids

So, we're back from seeing Lisa at her wedding and she is simply beautiful. Her mum Chris is the quintessential mother-of-the-bride in a fantastic pink outfit (thats her on the left below with Lisa's auntie)

Lisa rolled up in a stunning vintage car with her uncle

And she is looking fantastic, she even let the photographer's assistant know she "had a bit of a cheek wearing white" lol

Willow then had an attack of the "I'm shy"s and refused to have her picture taken, which made Fayfee a wee bit nervous - but she managed to stay put so long as I was beside her but just out of shot. So unfortunately I only got a picture of the back of her head, but hey ho! I'm sure I'll be able to see Lisa or Chris soon to get a copy of the official photo.

Well they do say, never to work with children or animals lol - here's Willow still being camera shy in the car afterwards.

1 comment:

Mar G said...

Awww Lisa looks gorgeous :) NOT like Willow to be camera shy?
Lol at her in the car afterwards!
Wee Fayfee looks cute with the horseshoe hanging on her arm like a handbag!

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