Saturday, 13 September 2008

Forever Friends.......bleurgh!!!

Am I the only person on the planet that HATES Forever Friends?? I've always detested the sickly little bear before I made cards and bought them in card shops, and my relationship with it hasn't improved with time. And I'm a bit fed up with the fact that my latest stash order has taken over a week to arrive (it still hasn't arrived) because they have been inundated with orders for the FF stuff. HUMPH!

So to cheer myself up I stopped off at Asda on the way home from taking the kids to McDonalds, and bought a crafty mag, Quick Cards made Easy, because I quite like their wee templates and they have a freebie set of xmas templates with this months issue. And on the back cover I noticed a big advert for Messy Rabbit, now that kind of cuteness I can cope with...

I'm not normally a fan of Joanna Sheen, but I like this wee wabbit a lot. Joanna has even done co-ordinating backing papers, so I'll have to have a wee raid of the piggy bank and order a few bits soon.

Its a bit of a "dreich" day as we say up here, drizzly and a bit misty so I decided to take the kids to McD's out at the Bridge of Don, then stop off on the Esplanade so we could watch the waves. The sea is pretty wild tonight and the white horses are stunning to watch, I find it mesmerising. So the kids munched their way through 4 happy meals between the 3 of them and we all oohed and aaahed at the waves crashing. So thats us back home now, the girls are in their jammies and Scott is back playing Mario Galaxy on the Wii, one of his birthday pressies. And here's a few pics of him turning the grand old age of 9.

Willow making off with the biggest parcel lol

No disrespect to my mum, but I think she must have been in a bit of a hurry when she was decorating the cakes. But hey, they tasted great! with her home made strawberry jam in the middle.


Mar G said...

So Deb you really are NOT a fan of 'Forever Friends' then?! (Lol)
Have to say I like it but.....only in small amounts, I won't be buying loads of the collection for cardmaking ;)
Great pics of the birthday boy :)

Anonymous said...

I am with you on Forever friends!!! They had their time when i was a lot younger!!!
Just had to say i am still laughing out loud at the comment you left on Kirsty's bog about your Inde**** washing machine! Thanks for making me laugh out loud today!!! Although OH wonders what's up!! Poor Kirsty hope your site can help! Caroline x

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