Friday, 12 September 2008

Cars - argh!!

well, we were all set for school, out the door - Scott was sitting in the passenger seat with his breakfast (which was a packet of mini cookies, a ham and cheese sandwich and a banana!! well I guess thats what happens when you let them prepare it themselves lol) I turned the key and....... nothing! the damned battery was flat. Just for once the kids hadn't left the DVD player on so I was safe enough to phone the RAC. They told me it could be up to 75 minutes, but the guy called within about 10 and appeared within 20, great. So the very nice man (yes I know its the wrong breakdown organisation) charged my battery and then tested it, it was taking the charge fine but he noticed one of the terminal connections was loose so that was propbably the cause. I quizzed him about the brakes as they haven't been sounding or feeling too healthy lately, but I'll take it up to the local Vauxhall garage. I called them - (btw if you are in the Aberdeen area, I would definitely NOT recommend Belmont on the Lang Stracht, in my opinion they are liars, and their customer service is atrocious) and they said they couldn't fit me in until the 23rd September, so I asked - if my motoring plan is with Vauxhall then am I obliged to use Belmont? - well lo and behold they can squeeze me in on Wednesday!!

Right, better go take the middle madam to nursery, have a nice day x

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