Saturday, 6 September 2008

Ribbon Brads and other stories

Have been on the hunt for ribbon brads - I made thank you cards for the ladies who looked after ESP for me while we were on holiday and used some of the ones that had come in one of the do-crafts goody bags. Mar was quite taken with them, and so far I had only been able to find Woodware's xmas tree and snowflake ones. But have finally managed to find flower ones on Readicut - 20 pastel and 20 brights for £2.99 which I thought were pretty good value, so I can now try them out on my scrapbook layouts - with 2 little girls to take pictures of, it shouldnt be too hard to put them to good use.
And of course I had to put in a decent size of an order to justify the postage, so I stocked up a wee bit - ordered another 2way glue pen, which I find incredibly handy and a lot more economic than glue runners. I also invested in a set of calligraphy pens so I can be a bit more creative and pretty with my journalling. And to finish off my order I decided to buy a set of scissors, which I will hide from the rest of the family - does that happen in every scrapper's house? I know my scissors are more like the fingers in the old yellow pages advert, but Idon't "let them do the walking" lol. I've never used glitter cardstock before, and I was inspired by Mar's beautiful snowflake card, to give it a try for xmas and perhaps even just everyday too.
And lastly on my list was some patterned ribbons and a large daisy punch on special offer. And I now have to start saving as Mar has decided to have a bit of a stash shopping spree when she gets her first pay packet at the end of October, and of course I can't let her do that unaccompanied :)

I thought I'd also post a few pics I took of Faith and her daddy before Graham went offshore on Tuesday. Faith has become quite attached to daddy lately, up til then she was every inch a mummy's girl. I think we have an extra special bond, as she's the only one of my babies that I have come home with and not had to leave in the Neonatal Unit. (For those who don't know, Scott was 7 weeks premature and Willow was 3 weeks premature and had to have a few operations so they were both in the Unit for 4 and 5 weeks respectively) Oops, there I go waffling again! So Graham's quite tickled that Fayfee is asking him for cuddles more often now, and of course her other love is her Singing Kettle hat :D

This was Fayfee the other day, being very industrious and building a huge tower out of all their plastic cups and tumblers - it kept her entertained for ages, who says they need expensive educational and electronic toys lol
Scott's just arrived home from his dad's with a couple of parcels for his birthday on Wednesday and a shiny new scarlet nintendo DS Lite, so I'd better go see how his day went and get the girls ready for bed.

I think I should maybe change my name to the number 9 bus - Mar pointed out to me that I hadn't blogged for 5 days and here I am doing 3 posts in one day lol

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Mar G said...

Oh & you say I'm bad at mentioning your name constantly on my blog?! Lmao
Love the ribbon brads, fair excited about getting them :) Thank you muchly x
GBro SO suits his SK hat, do you think he'll wear it on the heli deck bringing the choppers in? ;)

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