Sunday, 10 May 2009

Am woman, can walk and chew gum!

Well, I have finally succumbed to the pressure and have done a wee "how to.." about colouring hair with promarkers which will be up on the blog this week. And it didn't actually take me too long to do it. I found the easiest way was to write the words first, then to sit and do it myself - stopping to take pics of each step.

I'll see how well it is received before I think about whether or not I'll do any more "How to.."'s. I'm not going to call the tutorials, because I am in no way, shape or form qualified to do so. I am simply illustrating how I do things.

I am also going to make a start on some cards for the kids teachers - I haven't been able to find a suitable teacher-y stamp anywhere (if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them) So in the absence of anything teacher-y in my stamp collection I plan to use the Gorjuss Girls from Sugar Nellie for all of the nursery teachers, nursery nurses, assistants and the (male) nursery nurse student, and possibly all the playgroup leaders at Faith's 2's group. But I'm not sure what I should use for Scott's 2 teachers and classroom assistant. - All ideas welcome.

Well, I'm just about round the twist with this potty-training business with Willow. We have a few strategies in place from the Clinical Psychologist but I don't seem to be making much headway. We think Willow doesn't have much in the way of control when it comes to bowel movements because of her condition, but we are pretty sure she has control of her bladder. However Willow has decided she's not particularly interested in using the toilet or potty. And to be fair to her, I can see where she's coming from... she had a colostomy bag for nearly a year, then in nappies ever since and its far easier (from her point of view) to carry on with what she's doing, and pee in her pull-ups/nappies/pad than it is to have to stop what she's doing and go to the potty.

Willow is a very articulate and headstrong little girl, can't think where she gets that from! and this has become a battle of wills. I have tried just about every trick in the book and nothing seems to be working. Although the clinical psychologist tells me I am making progress because I'm not backing down or giving up.

But I'll be damned if she's going to get the better of me :)

I also forgot to tell you all that I won a blog candy...

Debbie at The Crafty Pad was offering her new butterfly stamp set as candy and I won it. Am so chuffed, they arrived on Friday and they are absolutely beautiful, can't wait to get them inked up and coloured in. Because there are 4 different sizes they are just perfect for layering up, so will have to try that too. Debbie has a sale on at the moment, which includes ALL her stamps, so if you fancy these butterflies or any of her other stamps then trot over to The Crafty Pad now.


dawnmarieg said...

Hi Debs, look forward to seeing your 'how to' later in the week. I'm sure I've saw a teachers dest with apple on top stamp somewhere, maybe magnolia but I could be havering. Lol, its def a battle of wills between you and Willow, hope you get there soon, but Willow must get so fed up at times I'd imagine, which would make her more stubborn too. Hope you get there hun. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Macpurp said...

I must admit, i was reading your blog too ment to be putting chicken on to roast... and i saw " finally succumbed to the pressure and have done a wee" I she is blogging about going for a wee,.,,.,!!! *steps back from puter*
what about sugar nellie with the flowers? I think I have her.
Well done on butterflies, they are my fave!
I gues syou have tried all that reward stickers stuff with Willow?
add stickers up and you get something nice?

can't wait to see the "how to" BTW.
best go sort my chicken.
love teen xx

craftypagan said...

Will look forward to seeing your how to with promarkers!

weewiccababe said...

Tina, I have tried every trick in the book, believe me! We have quite a sophisticated sticker chart system in place which is used in conjunction with a treat system and a potty book, but the problem is motivating her to want to use the potty. She's determined that she doesnt care what all the other boys and girls do, and she wants to pee in her pants NOT in the potty!

Mar G said...

Well Done on winning the butterfly stamp candy :-)
Sorry, I can't offer anymore advice or support with Willow. You are SO right in that she is a headstrong wee girl & she is very perceptive. Trying to reverse her way of thinking is going to be challenging, it will take time & it'll need to be constant but.....when you've cracked it with her it will make your life & Willow's SO much easier!
Stick with it x

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