Friday, 15 May 2009

Which colours of Promarkers??

I thought I'd just add a wee note to let you know where I get my promarkers from, I have found the best deal from Angela at Angel Crafts who, as well as selling the 5-packs, also sells larger packs, and singles - and the best value bulk buys I've found in the UK.

If you are just starting out with promarkers I would recommend the skin tones pack containing Ivory, Satin, Blush, Dusky Pink, Cinnamon, its an absolute must for your collection.

I personally, would recommend buying 3 colours from a colour family and that way you can pick and choose which and how many colour families you buy depending on your budget

I am going to list some selections that I would recommend for beginners and those on tight budgets, I have selected them especially for easy blending and giving as wide a scope as possible with a limited number of pens.

Browns: Sandstone, Cocoa, Burnt Umber, Umber (the 5th colour, cinnamon is in the skin tones pack)

Oranges: Apricot, Pumpkin, Mandarin

Yellows: Pastel Yellow, Mustard, Canary

Greens: Meadow Green, Apple, Grass

Blues: Blue Pearl, Cornflower, China Blue

Purples: Lavender, Lilac, Amethyst

Pinks: Blossom, Rose Pink (the 3rd colour, Dusky Pink is in the skin tones pack)

Greys: Warm Grey 1,3, and 5

So for instance you could buy the skin tones plus the browns, greens and blues all for a total of £15.95 (bulk buy) + £7.45 (skin tones) = £23.40

I hope this is of some help

Debz x


Manda said...

What a fantasic help that has been!

Have placed my order!

Mar G said...

I've got Robbie checking my colours as I type. I'm reading the colours out & he's checking! ;-)
Think I feel an order looming - Lol x
Helpful post.....Thank You x
Hope your cold is better soon!

Macpurp said...

hope you feel better soon. you really need to get a job promoting pro markers!!!

great info x
love tina x

Anonymous said...

Debbie, this has been so helpful even though I own them all!! I followed your how to's and then tried all the colour combos you suggest here (not always using them in the correct order unfortunately!) and my images look fab. You deserve a medal for this as my designs will look so much better from now on.
Thanks a bunch and keep up the fab blog.
Sam xx

Tracy said...

Thankyou debbie, great tips and tutorial, glad I saw this before I ordered my promarkers for the challenge. So generous of you to spend time giving us these tips. I've just become a follower and look forward to more creations and top tips.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Ann said...

Thank you so much - I've already bought mine - wish I had read this first. Ah well it will still come in useful for topping up my collection.
Ann xxx

Jazzy1972 said...

What a brilliant tip, I have been hummimh and harring over these for ages and I love Angel crafts. Oooops I think that just cost me lots of money lol. Jay xx

Max said...

Fabby step by step instructions Debbi. I don't have promarkers but still found your colouring and highlighting tips useful.
Thanks for sharing.


iReneM said...

Thank you!
I've found your tips and tuts very informative.
I love to read of different techniques.
I use a different brand of marker but am seriously considering getting some Promarkers too.
I will be watching you! hahaha :-)

LISA said...

wow great tips, thanks for the great tutorials xx

Julie said...

Hi Debz
Thanks for such a great tip. I have been toying with promarkers and copics but after entering the passion for promarkers I have decided on these. As with most people a tight budget is the key to buying the most effective markers and I just didn't know where to start! Your blog has given me this - thanks!
I have also been buying them every few weeks for the challenges, which is also a great way to add to your collection - only thing is I keep missing the deadlines! - But on a positive note - my promarkers collection is increasing!

Thanks again

Big Hugs

Ruthie said...

Hiya Debbi

Newby here - have faffed around and, after seeing your list of colours to get, have gone for two bulk buys (they didnt have the skin colours so have bought these via bulk buy too!). Thanks so much for listing these - have tried to buy a couple of times but just never been able to get anything because of the choice!

Thanks again


Ruthie said...

Hiya Debbi - they arrived safe - oh what fun! thanks so much for the information and just in case anyone was dithering - Angel are really fast with their deliveries - they came yesterday!


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