Thursday, 14 May 2009

Colouring with Promarkers #3 Dress/Top

To complete this batch of "How to's" I'm going to show you how I colour a dress/top on the Sitting Gorjuss Girl from Sugar Nellie. Again, I have stamped the image using Memento ink on Concord card.
Firstly I chose 3 shades of the same colour family, in this case; lavender, lilac and amethyst

Then I coloured the dress with the palest shade, lavender - for areas that are not large enough to use the broad tip of the promarker, I find you get a more uniform effect by colouring in a circular motion.

Then I took the slightly darker shade, lilac and started to colour from the left hand side - here I have imagined the light source would be coming from the right. I coloured in small circular motions about half way across the dress

Then I took the palest shade, lavender, and blended the lilac out from left to right using small circular strokes, stopping before I got all the way to edge.

I then repeat the same process with the darkest shade, amethyst, but only colouring about a quarter of the way across the dress. I have also dotted the amethyst colour over the fold lines on the image (where the fabric would appear to pool and fold)

Repeat the blending, this time using the mid colour (lilac), using small circles to blend the colour

To finish off I like to dot a little more of the darkest colour over crease and fold lines to emphasize them if necessary. And this is how the whole image looks so far...

To download the tutorial, just click on this icon 


Samantha said...

Debbi, these how to's are fab. I use my promarkers all the time, but by following these I should get much better shading.
I'm already following the Passion for Promarkers challenge blog and can't wait for it to begin.

Sam xx

Kath said...

I don't have any Promarkers but hey I am so enjoying your little tutorial....thank you for sharing
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Beckie Dreyer said...

Deb these are FAB! I haven't got any promarkers, well one that I **shock horror** use to write addresses on parcels!!! But you are tempting me ..... sigh!

will deffo come back to these for ref!

Ann said...

oh thank you so much for these tutorials - please keep doing them they are so clear to follow. I have learnt loads - thank you thank you thank you.

ann xxx

Tracy K said...

Hi lol, I saw your comment on Katys blog, i have one if you email me :o)
Love reading your instructions for the promarkers. Keep it up :o)


jackid said...

Hi Debbi you know how much I love your tutorials and was wandering could you give me any tips on colouring white I have a couple of weddings coming up soon and have 2 great digi's to use but of course the bride is in white and being new I really don't know where to start hope you can help me and don't mind me asking thanks again
Jacki xx

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