Sunday, 4 July 2010

argh, it's July already!

Well the kids broke up on Friday - so we are now in for 6 weeks of hell, oops, I mean fun and sun!

Made the remaining teachers cards, and to save myself a load of grief I just kept with the simple design of Faith's ones - doing Scott's teachers' ones in blue and Willow's teachers' in pink.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day - Graham spent most of it inside the house though, sorting out my new laptop and transferring all my stuff across from my old one. I did a bit of weeding - where on earth do all those weeds come from?? then got bored so sat in the sun and read my book. I was on my last book - I absolutely hate not having anything to read, so treated myself to an Amazon order, the new Tess Gerritsen, the new Stuart MacBride, 9th one in the womens murder club from James Patterson, The Eclipse Novella - The short 2nd life of Bree Tanner, the new Sookie Stackhouse. So I now have plenty to keep me going over the summer hopefully, after I've finished the Time-Travellers Wife.

Today we took the kids to the cinema in Union Square to see Shrek 4 in 3D - and it's fab, you must go and see it. Although I have to say it's a bloody expensive afternoon out - 40-odd quid for the tickets for the 5 of us including 3d glasses, then another 20 quid for popcorn, juice and sweeties, and then another 20 odd quid for tea at Burger King. But hey-ho, the kids loved it and so did Graham and I.

When we got home we noticed something strange out at sea, so we had to go out and take pics to see what it was - according to Graham it's a jack-up being towed - A jack-up rig is a type of mobile platform that is able to stand still on the seafloor, resting on a number of supporting legs.

While we were out having a nosey at that, Graham took some lovely pics of the garden - here's my Alliums..
And here's a really cute idea I pinched from the nursery - I filled the kids' old wellies with compost, planted some nasturtium seeds and voila...


kath said...

wooohooo love these welly boots planters and glad you enjoyed your trip to the cinema even although you although you need a mortgage to go nowadays and good luck with keeping the kids amused over the school holidays...tearing hair out springs to mind....big hugs kath xxx

shellshearer said...

Oh I loves them wellies hun they look fab. Glad you all had a fab day out, the girlies wanna go and see it, I've said once we get the house sorted we might go as a treat lol
hugs shell xxx

Marie said...

I totally agree. Many weeks of ... sun and fun...I will need a long vacation after that. :) :)

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