Friday, 12 August 2011

Quick Update

Hiya, sorry for being MIA - I'll explain in just a minute, but before I do I just wanted to give you all a heads up about some things that are going on in and around blogland....

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And before I go I just want to thank everyone who has left get well messages. As some of you know I went into hospital on Tuesday to get treatment on my hips. For those that don't know, I have a congenital condition that has resulted in osteoarthritis in both my hips, it has deteriorated over time and in the last year my mobility has been seriously affected. Because I'm 38, the doctors have always been reluctant to give me a hip replacement operation but they have at least acknowledged that I do need it. So as a stop-gap measure they suggested that I try lubricant injections. And so I went in on Tuesday as a day case patient to get hyaluronic acid injections in both hips.
A needle is inserted into the joint via the groin, first they put down a local anaesthetic, then a dye is inserted so they can check the needle is in the joint - at this point they take several x-rays, and once the surgeon is happy that the needle is in the correct place he injects the hyaluronic acid. 
I was told that the procedure would be uncomfortable but not painful, but my experience was probably the most painful thing I have ever experienced and having had 3 kids I know what pain is.
Back on the ward I was told I had to eat, drink, pass urine and walk before they could discharge me. So I did all those things and was allowed to go. At that point I felt quite good - but I know now that the local anaesthetic was still having an effect.
Once that anaesthetic wore off I was in a huge amount of pain and had to take the max dose of paracetamol and tramadol for 2 days.
And it's only today that I can move without excruciating pain. I am still having problems with my left leg - which was actually the better of the 2 in the first place ironically.  But at least I'm more compus mentis now.
So, thankyou for all your comments and well wishes, I really appreciate them


Jane said...

Oooooo Debbi that does sound painful! How you are feeling better soon.

Thanks for giving me a mention!xx

Donnas Den said...

What a trial, Debbie. Hopefully now it will be improvement all the way :)

Donna xx

Fiona said...

oh gosh Debbi...that does sound painful!! I hope you are pain free soon and get some more mobility.


LorraineM said...

So sorry to hear that you have been poorly and wishing you a speedy recovery.x

Hev said...

I so hope you're feeling better soon and the injections actually help you after all this suffering.
Luv Hev xx

Michelle Jadaa said...

That whole your too young thing makes me laugh.I understand that certain procedures only last a certain amount of time so they try and put them off but they have to be realistic about your condition which has nothing to do with age.
I hope you are more mobile soon ..hugzz

Teresa said...

Ooh poor Debbie that does sound painful, I hope you are feeling much better as soon as possible. hugs Teresa xx

aqualeiga said...

Big hugs Debbi....I know my mum had these injections into her back and neck and said the same....VERY painful so I sympathise. I do hope it has helped with the pain.

Hugs, Ali x

Debs M said...

hope you manage to get the pain under control x

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Oh hunnie, sending you huge, huge, huge, hugs!! That sounds awful!! I'm the same age as you & my dr is refusing to give me a knee replacement, well he will when its totally knackered lol....but I'm sure they don't realise how being in pain & incapable of doing certain things can upset & even depress you!!
I hope these injections work hun
take care hugs shell xx

nnalorac said...

Ouch girl...sounds painful, hope it gives some relieve in the long run.Think you need to spoil yourself after that! Take care Carolxx

kath said...

great to hear you are now on the mend and before long will be sprinting down the street...and what a bonus being more compus that a side effect...only kidding...sending big hugs kath xxx

Shazza said...

yikes Debbie, sounds very painful, hope it eases soon x

Macpurp said...

hope you are feeling much better soon, and it will all be worth it with some long term relief!
love teen xx

Suze Bain said...

Oh Debbi, the thought of those big needles. Hope it loosens things up over the next few days and you begin to feel the benefit of it. Take care. xx

CraftyLoops said...

Oh my goodness Debbie, all that pain just to try and get some pain relief!! Doesnt make sense really, does it?? Ive had 2 ops on my spine so far (with more in the future) and got the old "youre too young to have this condition" but if there is something wrong Im of the opinion that it doesnt matter what age you are, if there is a way of helping you, why wait. Its all too easy for Doctors to say youre too young I think. I really hope you get some relief and start to feel the benefits soon and hope it ends up being a worthwhile procedure. Big gentle hugs, Lee xx

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Oh dear....that sounds terrible. I am so sorry you have to go through all of that and I truly hope it helps! Best wishes!

Andrea said...

Oooh Debbi - sounds like they put you through the mill! I hope you are better very soon, and that you will be pain free for a while.
Take care.
Love, Andrea xx

coops said...

ouch debbi.thats sounds so painfull.i hope once the soreness eases you get some relieve.
take care.

xx coops xx

Cass said...

hopefully things will start to get better now Debbie.It sounds like a painful treatment.

Cass xxx

Paula (PEP) said...

Take care of yourself - it's so hard when things don't go according to plan, especially when it is supposed to improve matters. Pain is one of those things that does very strange things when it is not under control. Glad that you're in better shape & hope that matters will improve more speedily.
Paula (PEP)

Rufus said...

That doesn't sound like any fun at all! Wishing you all the best and that it will have been worth it in the end. Hope that it starts to feel better ASAP.

Karen said...

Ouch. Hope you get better soon. Take it easy. Looking forward to your flexmarker review xxx

Kat said...

Hi Debbi, I hope this helps after you've been through so much pain. 23 years ago when my youngest went to nursery school I used to share the run with another mum who had a congenital hip problem. She also had 3 kids and worked as a supply teacher which in Lanarkshire at that time could mean long distances to travel to the school she was working at at any particular time. I used to wonder how she managed to cope with it all. Like you I think she just gritted her teeth and got on with it. And also like you she was too young for a hip replacement. I know they don't like to do them in younger people but when you think how it improves people's quality of life it makes you wonder.

Take care Debbi, hope you're feeling a wee bit better now.

Kat xx

saturated canary said...

hope you are feeling much better...and the pain has subsided.

thinking and praying for you!! xo

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