Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Prep & Landing

Well this is a first for me.... Charlotte asked if I'd take a table at the Craft Night this Thursday evening at The Papeterie so I've been thinking about what to do. Just for a change I thought I would do something that didn't involve promarkers, yes I know! and No, I don't have a fever or anything lol. (to find out about all the upcoming demos, classes and special events that Charlotte has planned at The Papeterie, check their new updated blog)
So, I've been kitting up for that this evening - times 50 :)
Now, where's my slave to give me a massage now that my shoulders are all knotted up with all that trimming and stamping - oh that's right he's got man flu.
So I'm really looking forward to going to my first craft night, can't wait to meet all these new faces.

Today was busy busy - Willow was off school, looks like she's getting the bug that I've had for a week now, Graham's got it too. And I'm just not a great nurse, I don't do sympathy - I think it's an Aquarian thing!
Faithy had an appt at the kids hospital, and they have these fantastic huge Alvin and the Chipmunks figures - and my little drama queen had to have her pic taken with them...

Right, better go to bed - it's school photo day tomorrow, so I need to try and get them all up and make sure they are particularly smart in the morning
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Macpurp said...

no promarkers?? REALLY??
canny wait to see what you do.

fab photo! hope you are all feeling better.

love teen xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Fab photo. Hope everyone is better soon. xxx

Suze Bain said...

Lol, mega hair brushing and face scrubbing this morning then! Good luck for Thurs, wish I could come but I have 'mums taxi' duty on a thurs nite! xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Hope you all feel very much better & all the best with the Craft Night project - sounds intriguing without ProMarkers.
Paula (PEP)

Erika said...

Oh my wee man would love those figures. Great photo Debbi.
Hugs Erika.

kath said...

have fun and love the sweet pic...hugs kath xxx

Kat said...

Great pic of Faith. Hope the school photos turn out well.

Hope you all feel better soon. My ever helpful hubby has shared a cold with me! Grrr... I'm never ill so I take it ill out and like you I'm not good at sympathy. Guess it's not just an Aquarian thing since I'm a Taurean lol!

Kat xx

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