Monday, 2 March 2009

Bit of a spree...

As you know I've been feeling like poop so have had a wee bit of a crafty spree to cheer myself up - there's nothing can brighten my day more than a parcel of stash arriving.

Either my mum or I took out an assurance scheme when I was 16 and it has matured, now its not a huge amount of money because it looks like the payments were stopped not long after it started. But hey its better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.

So I have treated myself, I've ordered a set of 4 oval nesties (small and large, classic and scalloped) from the fab Cut@Home, if you haven't seen this website then have a wee trot along. If you sign up for the 40% VIP Coupon (you can't miss it along the menu bar) you make a great saving on an already pretty great price. They are also accepting pre-orders on all the new nesties. Its a US company but their delivery really doesn't take that long at all. I got all 4 sets of nesties together for $63.85 including shipping, which at the current exchange rate translates to £45.26 - what a bargain eh? bearing in mind it would cost me roughly 80 quid anywhere else.

I also spent Saturday night doped up to the eyeballs on lemsips and benylin, at Clare Curd's Signature Range Launch Party. And had a great time - made even better by the fact that I won the Treasure Hunt - woohooo. So Clare is sending me one of her super duper stamp packs. 

I then had to go looking for somewhere online that was stocking the entire DoCrafts March/April promotion as there was quite a few bits and bobs I fancied. So at 1am (yes I know I must be mental) I finally found somewhere - Emerald Crafts - and went a wee bit mad. I had to get The Big One - a huge pack of 200 sheets of Clare Curd's Signature Range 12x12" papers, that's 4 sheets of 10 designs in 5 colours!! I also have been waiting for the new Core'dinations Gemstone card packs since Becks Fagg mentioned them on her blog a wee while back. Got a few other bits and bobs including the new Goody Bag which looks great.

And my other treat to myself was to pre-order Twilight on DVD from Amazon, which is due out on the 6th April 


Manda said...

Wow what a spree! I got a craft mat, knife and metal ruler today fae tesco! lol nothing in comparison heehee

Macpurp said...

oooooh lovely spree! hope you feel much better soon xxx

Mar G said...

Nothing like a wee bit retail therapy to banish the blues! ;-)
Good on you treating yourself - Love ya xoxoxox

FionaJ said...

I've ordered that same paper pack, thought it was fab when I saw it, my Tria markers arrived today, will let you know how i get on

Mar G said...

Wee something on my blog for you! x

Meahni said...

I'm so jealous Debz. Anything I want I have to order from either the UK or the US and postage to South Africa is not cheap. We have a craft fair on this weekend, and even though I have spent a month's salary at the Vet these past 2 weeks, I will still be going.

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