Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I forgot to mention.....

that I have added some lists at the bottom of my sidebar, this is more for my information so I know what I'm doing. But it might still interest some of you.

The lists are of the stamps that I have purchased and own. And as I said, its really more for me to be able to keep track of what I have. And its also for a wee blog candy I will be putting up when I get a bit nearer to 5000 hits. I'm not terribly quick off the mark and it took me a few months to realise that I would have to post a hit counter on my blog in order to see how many hits I've had. So the hit counter was added on the 2nd January this year and that's when its been counting from. 

Anyway, I will be offering some stamped images as a wee blog candy and the winner will be able to choose from the lists which images they would like. But I promise to post full details a bit nearer the time, probably when I hit the 4000 hits mark. 

And the reason I remembered to tell you this useless piece of nonsense is because my hit counter has just clocked up 1973 hits - the year I was born.

Seeing as I'm being a bit random, do you know what song was No1 in the UK chart on the day you were born? I do, it was Blockbuster by The Sweet. I'd love to hear what was no1 when you were born, but if you don't know you can find out here.

Faith's is McFly - "Don't Stop Me Now / Please Please"

Willow's is Robbie Williams - "Radio"

Scott's is Lou Bega - "Mambo No5 (A Little Bit Of...)"

and Graham's is Frankie Laine - "A Woman In Love"

and I had to laugh this one was number one when my little brother was born - thank God I was only 3 and can't remember this! Look how young Midge Ure looks lol


Mar G said...

9th Feb 1971 - George Harrison was No'1 with 'My Sweet Lord' ;-)
Oh I need to keep an eye on my hit counter too?!

FionaJ said...

The number one when I was born was "I love you Love me love" by Gary Glitter, love the way youve sorted your stamps out, fabby idea.

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