Friday, 27 March 2009

Nowt to say

well, not much at all to say really...

still gutted about my pencils, but hey-ho.... poop happens!!

have spent the evening running the March payroll and then doing the PAYE year end for one of my clients, so that's all done and dusted - and the proceeds will no doubt be spent on stash lol.

Am thinking about a wee run to Letham Crafts tomorrow, will see what the weather's like - I hate driving on the dual cabbageway if its peeing down with rain.

ok are you bored yet? no? I am lol, so am off to stuff my face and see if I can catch up with some of these challenges as I've fallen wayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind.


Macpurp said...

that was a real bummer about the pencils!
we were planning a trip to Kingussie tomorrow but snow is forecast.

have fun if you go
love teen xx

dawnmarieg said...

Oooh let me know if you buy any goodies.x

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