Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The other two

It's occurred to me that I have been showing quite a few pics of Willow this year and not so much of my other two kiddiwinkies. Probably because Willow has been all dressed up for quite a few birthday parties and the other 2 haven't had the same photo opportunities. So I thought I'd share some pics of Scott and Faith...

Some of you may already know that all 3 of my babies were born early, Scott was 7 weeks early and weighed 3lbs 5.5oz and his father could hold him in one hand when he was born.

and this is him now - a strapping 9 year old who is 4'9" tall - only 6 inches to go and he'll be taller than me lol

Faith was only 3 weeks early and the only one of my 3 that didn't end up in the Neonatal Unit - I can tell you, I was sooooooooooo chuffed to finally be able to take one of my babies home from the hospital with me.


Mar G said...

Its amazing how quick our kids grow up especially when they didn't have the easiest of starts coming into the world!
Love the pic of Fayfee eating her yoghurt ;-)
Scott is looking SO grown up!

scotspanda said...

gorgeous pics hun, how is it our kids grow up so fast? It doesn't seem like 10 minutes since Lily was In SCBU in Raigmore and now she's 5 and at school!!! Lily was only 8 days early and a whopping 8lb 11oz but had a wee problem with breathing/feeding. she did look funny next to the tiny wee 3lb babies tho, little and large :o)



Lainy's Little Blog said...

Great pics of Faith and Scott and Scott and such lovely names too. Love the concentration in Faith's face as she's eating her yoghurt. Lainy x

Shelly said...

Hi - just stumbled by your blog and thought I'd leave a little message. Great photos of your children, looks like that Muller Corner is pretty tasty! Feel free to pop by my blog to say hi!
PS Love the "Girls Aloud" in the background!

Meahni said...

Faith is just too cute. Also love the pic of her eating - she's a little show off ;-) Scott looks like he could be the 'man' of the house if you let him. Must be a hand full. They are all gorgeous.

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