Thursday, 4 February 2010

Promarkers for Sale

**These have now been sold - thankyou for all the interest **

I have a set of brand spanking new and never used Promarkers for sale. Plus 8 desktop organisers to go with them.
The cheapest I have been able to find this for sale online is approx £150 and that doesn't include the organisers which cost £4.70 each.

So I'm looking for £125 for the lot, which will include postage in the UK by special delivery. Sorry I can only post within the UK for that price.

The colours you will receive are:
Shale, Pastel Beige, Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Terracotta, Cocoa, Henna, Cinnamon, Sandstone
Apricot, Coral, Spice, 
Maroon, Poppy, Magenta, Berry Red, Ruby, Red, Carmine,
Bright Orange, Pumpkin, Mandarin, Orange
Yellow, Soft Lime, Saffron, Primrose, Lemon, Satin, Mustard, Vanilla, Blush, Gold, Pastel Yellow, Canary, Ivory

Marsh Green, Meadow Green, Holly, Moss, Lime Green, Apple, Emerald, Green, Grass, Forest Green, Pastel Green, Pine, Olive Green,
Aegean, Cyan, Turquoise, Cool Aqua, Marine, Petrol Blue
Blue Pearl, Pastel Blue, Indigo Blue, China Blue, Cornflower, Sky Blue, French Navy, Royal Blue,
Prussian, Lilac, Lavender, Rose Pink, Blossom, Slate, Dusky Pink, Amethyst, Aubergine, Pastel Pink
Warm Grey 1, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 5,
Cool Grey 1, Cool Grey 2, Cool Grey 3, Cool Grey 4, Cool Grey 5,
Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 2, Ice Grey 3, Ice Grey 4, Ice Grey 5
Black, and Blender

plus the 8 desktop organisers which each hold 12 promarkers - enough to hold all of the above promarkers

just email me if you're interested - payment would be by paypal (nb send as a gift - the charge should be about £4.45)


Lora said...

oh I so wish I had the money to buy them, but I don't get paid properly till the end of the month :(
I just bought some polychromos pencils because I was fed up of my Copics always running out but I wish I had got some promarkers instead because I miss my markers :( lol
By the way Holburn crafts have loads of pretty ribbon in just now ;)
Hoe the snow is not to bad near you today!
Hugs Lora xx

Mar G said...

Aw I would buy them but they'd only lie in a box! ;-) Lol
Good Luck x

ninajeanette said...

how on eart can u even sell ur promarkers is beyonf belief,lol

weewiccababe said...

Hi Nina Jeanette,
this was an extra set I had - I could never part with my beloved promarkers :)

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