Friday, 6 August 2010

1 more sleep

Just one more sleepie and we'll be off on our hols. Today has been the usual rushing around with last minute stuff - final packing of the cases, and would you believe that I actually have the 2 cases for 4 of us coming in at under 20kg each!!
Also had to make a wee detour to my BFF Pamela's Hoose today as it's Emma's 2nd birthday tomorrow and they're all off to Blair Drummond Safari Park for the day tomorrow. So the birthday girl was having a great time and last I heard she had conked out at teatime.

So, I think we're all ready to go, Graham's out at the moment to fill the car up with diesel and check the tyre pressures etc, then away dow to The Bay in Stonehaven for supper - if you don't know, this is THE best fish and chip shop in the whole world!

I just need to dye my hair - can't have Rachel seeing all my grey hair you know lol. Rachel is my good chum who lives in Ibiza, all 3 of her kids were born there - Emily turned 14 the other week, Aidan is 9 the day we leave and Ana will be 16 later this year. Rachel and I "met" online via our support website - Extra Special Parents, and it was great to finally meet her for real 2 years ago and I'm just so excited to see her again.

Anyway, better get on - am really looking forward to my haddock supper. And yes, my stopping smoking is going great - nearly at the end of Day 12 and coping fine.

Remember to enter my candy here if you haven't already.

I've no idea if I'll get time online while we're away, so just in case - see ya next week


shellshearer said...

Hope you have a fab time hun, will miss you while your away.....keep up the good work hun, and stay away from temptation
hugs shell xx

Jane said...

Ooooo enjoy your hols!!!

Lorraine said...

Have a great time Debbi xx

Anne said...

Have a great holiday Debbie and SO well done with the no smoking !!!!
Look forward to a catch up when you get back
Anne xxx

fi's cards and crafts said...

hope you have a fab holiday.


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