Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Do you know, I can't remember the last time I did some scrapbooking - my crafty time is very limited nowadays, in fact I don't know where I found the time for PfP before I resigned, so it's been a long long time since I got any scrapbooking done. I still have a barely started album of our Ibiza 2008 trip.

But I have the perfect inspiration for a page, just need to get my head around how to do the picture justice. Now this wasn't taken with any fancy camera, in fact I was lying on my back in the sun - turned over and spotted my 2 girls actually playing nicely together for a change and just clicked with my Blackberry and this was the result...
I didn't faff around in Photoshop with it or anything either, just used the "old" tool in ACDSee to give it the sepia effect.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to hear how you would scrap this picture - and I might even give away a wee prize for the suggestion I use.

On another note - this is day 30, so I can pretty much say I've stopped smoking for a month woohoo. I have to say I have had a pretty stressful day with one thing and another and have been very tempted to go out and have a fag, but I was good and got some chewing gum instead.
In all honesty giving up smoking with these Champix tablets has been far easier than I ever thought possible. I've smoked for 21 years, and tried every stop smoking aid from NRT patches to electronic cigarettes to hypnosis and nothing worked, so for those of you who have given me such support and encouragement on here I want to say thankyou


sugarnellie said...

"girls actually playing nicely together for a change" well Debbi mine are 19 & 20 and still don't play well together!LOL. Its a beautiful photo and I prefer b & W or sepia as it does not matter which papers you use. Good luck and remember to show us your Lay out when its done.

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Congratulations on your month not smoking!! Ia hev never smoked so i can't imagine how hard it must be...but don't ask me to give up chocolate for a month!

Your photo is stunning! I would keep with the vintagey look and keep it all in those sepia tone...maybe with just a small flash of ruby red somewhere :)

Hugs Judy xx

kath said...

such a beautiful pic debbi and not being in any shape or form an expert scrapper....I would keep it simple...let the pic tell the story...sometimes the unposed pics come out best and well done you on completing your first month of being a non smoker....so proud of you...big hugs kath xxx

Our Homemade Home said...

Hi Debbi:)
I just adore the picture of two girls:)
I changed a bit colours and rounded edges. I hope You like it. I sent You a mail:)
I'm not a scrapper at all (hihi that's why I loved to win Your candy) but I love the scrapped works, so I would suggest a cinema frame and little butterfly, also 2 - 3 colours like red, blue and white. Something simple:)
XOXO :)))

Marie said...

What a wonderful picture! Have absolutley no idea what you should do with it scrapbooking way, but I would probably go for brow, pink and cream, and some lace...
Good to hear your progress on the non smoking area! Keep going girl!

Andrea said...

What a stunning photograph! Sorry, I don't have any ideas for how to scrapbook it - I've never scrapped, but I've bought several kits with the intention (still in the boxes LOL!)
Congratulations on reaching 30 days without smoking - keep up the good work!
Love, Andrea xx

Tracy said...

Hi Debbie,
I took a gorgeous close up of my daughter like this, and I scrapped it on a 12x12. I blew the photo up so it was 3/4 of the page down and full width across. Did the bottom into a wave shape across the bottom of photo. Then got a gem word saying angel in the corner and just added some really pretty butterflies. I didn't want to take to much away from her face as she looked so pretty and peaceful. Your girls look very beautiful and just like angels there in the photo. I personally would keep it simple. You must be very proud of them.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Rufus said...

What a gorgeous pic! I'd use the KISS principal to scrap it so that the picture is the focus, maybe in a blueberry/chocolate color scheme. Whatever you do it going to look smashing when you've got such a great picture to work with! Congrats on the not smoking that is really VERY impressive!

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Great picture hun, they look gorgeous, I don't do scrapbookin at all but I would maybe keep it with the vintage look maybe a few distressed flowers & a few flourishes but keep it sepia sorta colours with one other colour maybe red or blue.
I am sooooooooo proud of ya hun a month WWOOOOOHOOOOO you are doing so well babe, keep up the good work
hugs shell xx

~Mizu~ said...

You're two girls are just adorable, and such a sweet photo for just having been spare of the moment. I'm not that great with scrapbooking, so I won't even try to suggest anything; but congrats on your month without smoking! Keep up the good work!

Legojenta said...

Such a beautiful picture! I think the picture could stand almost on it's own - just with a smaller title and a wee bit of journaling. I would place the picture down towards the bottom right corner of a 8 1/2" by 11" piece of cardstock (probably a muted tone), with a small spellbinders nestabilities labels one diecut piece of cardstock tucked under the photo's bottom right corner. On this diecut I would have just a little bit of journaling, like only just time, place and one sentence describing the situation. And I would put a shorter title right above the top left corner of the picture. And I would keep any embellishments to a complete minimum. All this to make the photo stand out =)

chrisw said...

That's an absolutely stunning photo,I just adore itYou have captured the essence of little girls

Archangel_Baw said...

I have a few ideas for this pic:

for the pic itself, see if you cant make a copy of it and FLIP the image so you have the one shown here and then another of the image in reverse(one for each page)and also use 12x12 pages so you have plenty of room for decorating.

1st: a vintage bg with sparkles/glitter glue, ribbon galore, and buttons and call it "Cute as A Button"

2: A Disney Princess bg with ribbon, stamps and stickers, and call it "Precious Princess'"

3rd: A fairy bg with fairy decorations, stickers, ribbons, stamps, LOTS of glitter and call it "A Fairy Enchanting Moment"

4th: Butterfly bg with butterfly decorations, stamps, stickers curling ribbon and a small clock Call it "Time Flies..."

Macpurp said...

well done on the 30 days! hows G getting on?

I really love this photo. is it so beautiful

love teen xx

SusieLou said...

Such an utterly gorgeous picture! To be honest, I'm not sure how I would scrap it, but I'm definitely going to try to remember to use the sepia colouring on one of mine at some point! Oh, and well done on not smoking for a whole month!! Susie x

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