Thursday, 30 April 2009


well I didn't get any crafting done yesterday.... I had an appointment with Willow's clinical psychologist in the afternoon about her potty training (Willow's, not the psychologist's lol) which went quite well and I have taken away a few more ideas to try and help. She's also going to ask the nursery for a report and whether they have any concerns - if they do she'll ask them to get the Ed Psych involved. She's also writing to Willow's consultant and calling the Continence Nurse. Have I mentioned that I really like this young lady?

Then one of my clients called with her employees hours so I didn't get peace to run her payroll until late last night - but finally got it finished at half past midnight.

Anyway, must dash - have to drop Fayfee off at 2's group and then have to go right across town to deliver these payslips


Macpurp said...

sounds like a busy morning!
all ideas are worth trying!
And its great when folk are pro-active in helping you get what Willow needs.

love teen xx

Kath said...

oh no...a no crafting day...shucks...never mind maybe tomorrow....and you are right about this young lady...seems to know her stuff and is trying her best to help....Hugs Kath xxxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi, just fouind you blog hopping, love the cards, Have just been over on ESP too as have a son who has extra needs. I live in Arbroath so not too far away from you. Hazelxo

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