Saturday, 25 April 2009

Just to let you know...

2 things,

my order from the fantabulous Oliver at Emerald Crafts has outdone himself again with his fantastic service - I placed my order at 2.30pm yesterday afternoon and it arrived with postie at 8.30am this morning.... 16 hours!!

the second thing I wanted to let you know was... I have received a reply from the editor of the Evening Express. He has completed his investigations and has come to the conclusion that we have been badly let down by them. The remedy he has offered is for me to write a letter  to him for publication "highlighting your web address and expressing the websites purpose and asking people to get in touch should they see fit"


Max said...

That is absolutely fantastic Debbi!
I know it means extra work for you, ... which wouldn't have been necessary if the reporter had done his job properly in the first place, ... but what a wonderful result!! You go girl xx


Lorraine Robertson said...

Gosh that sure was super service from EC was'nt it & boy no wonder you got in touch with the editor.. what a balls up... then again it is the media. Good luck honey & I hope the new letter from you will help increase your website awareness...

Big hugs
Lorraine xxx

Kath said...

great news all round....well done Emerald Crafts and Mr Postie and three cheers for the editor for admitting they were wrong...enjoy the rest of your weekend
Hugs Kath xxxx

scotspanda said...

great news from the newspaper.........not often they admit they are in the wrong! good luck writing your letter :o)

great service from emerald crafts too, just what all us crafters want.......we want our stash and we want it now or sooner


Amanda xxx

Macpurp said...

great service by EC and thats the least the editor could do!
love teen xx

shellshearer said...

great news from the editor hun...the blurry reporter shud be made to apologise for wasting your time and not getting the story right in the first incompetence...hugs hun

Manda said...

What fanastic service!
I love how they admit they are wrong then leave it to you to correct their errors! Would have been better if they had written a new article admiting the mistakes!
But then everyone would know, and that would never do.

Manda x

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