Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter

Bathed the kids yesterday morning so they were all shiny and clean for going to Raegan's birthday party yesterday afternoon and they had a ball. Willow was a bit intimidated by all the noise for a start, but after everyone sat down for food she got her confidence back and that was her off. Faith "no fear" took off her shoes and made straight for the bouncy castle and I she only came off to stuff her face with sweets. Scott was bouncing around so much he broke into a sweat.


Well it would appear that my bank card has been compromised, I tried to use it to buy some Whiff of Joy stamps, tried to pay via PayPal and it was declined 4 times. I was mortified, as I know there is more than enough money in the bank to cover it. After calling the bank twice we managed to discover that there had been some suspect attempted transactions on the 26th March....... Eh, hello, that was a fortnight ago!! So because I don't recognise these attempted transactions, the bank have cancelled my card now and are sending me out a new one. But in the meantime I have a tenner in my purse and can't get any more money until Tuesday because of the bank holiday. But on the bright side, at least we have caught any problem before it gets worse. Two years ago, Graham's bank card was cloned at the local ATM and it was used for about £500 of stuff, including an £8 congestion charge in London. The bank were very good and refunded all the money taken from our account, but it was the inconvenience of cancelling the cards and waiting for new ones to arrive. Thank Crunchie for internet banking, or they could have cleared our bank account before I spotted it.

My new Elisabeth Bell stamps from Sugar Nellie arrived yesterday and I managed to ink up half of them, so I'm hoping I can distract the kids with their easter eggs for a while today so I can get a chance to colour some in and attempt to make one or two cards - don't hold your breath though.


scotspanda said...

what a pain in the backside to have to wait for a new card, but as you say at least you caught it before it was a larger amount

Hope you and the family are having a lovely Easter


Amanda xxx

Kath said...

happy easter to you too and what a terrible thing to happen...but at least it's been picked up by the bank....but they might have notified you...if you need a know where to come
Hugs Kath xxxx

dawnmarieg said...

Thats just awful Debs, don't know how some folk sleep at night! If you need a 'tap' just let me know and I'll wing it to Aberdeen. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

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