Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Talk about getting in a flap!!

I'm usually pretty unflappable, I'm the one who, in a crisis, is the one calming everyone down and looking on the bright side. Not yesterday afternoon though.

It was a spectacularly sunny day here yesterday, it even got up to 20 degrees here - yes I know, that's pretty miraculous for the NE of Scotland, and believe me we were making the most of it. I dropped Willow at nursery and Faith and I went into the garden to play. I took my new pencils, paper stumps, baby oil and the new images I got from Dawn Marie outside with me and tried them out. Faith managed to get into the car for a wee while, but got bored quite quickly and came out to play on the seesaw swing.

All pretty non-panic-making so far....

Well at 3.15 I got Faith strapped into the car, locked the house and went to turn the ignition key and....... nothing!! Not even that lethargic wuh wuh wuh noise of a dying battery. So I thought, hey I'm a capable woman, I can bump start the thing if I just push it backwards out of the drive, but NO! that didn't work. So, called the school and told them I would be late for the kids - that was fine, they said they would grab Scott before he left the building and keep hold of Willow. Then I phoned the RAC and they told me they were quite busy in this area so it would be up to 2 and a half hours before they could send someone!!!! OMG!!

I then called the school back in a panic and got the new headmistress, who doesn't know me from Adam. I explained it all to her and she said it was fine, don't worry, she would be there til midnight anyway - so they could stay with her. Or if I was happy to authorise it, she would run them home as she is insured to transport kids. I can't tell you how grateful I was. She told me to get the kettle on, and she'd be round with them shortly. And right enough she appeared in her (so cute) lime green Beetle and the kids were highly delighted to have had an audience with the Head Teacher.

So.. today's job is to get her something nice for her kindness and to make a thankyou card for her.

And now I'm away to shout at the garage for selling me a crap battery in November and demand they replace it ASAP. This garage and I don't get on. I get the "useless, stupid female" treatment from them every time I have to deal with them. But that's a rant for another day lol


scotspanda said...

oh what a panic and so good of the head mistress to drive them home! Do you live in a small town/village? I can't imagine a city teacher offering to drive them home! Our small village has a lovely school and we know all the teachers and head teacher on first name terms! It is certainly a relief to know who Lily is spending 6 hours a day with.

Hope you give the garage hell!


Amanda xxx

Macpurp said...

OMG what a panic you would have been in! thank god the head was able to help.

what goodies did you get her??

love tina xx

Meahni said...

Hey Debz, what a mission you went through. I'm rather glad it's not me, with the string of problems I've had lately. Can't wait to see the thank you card. And the images you coloured while out in the garden ;-)

Manda said...

OMG what a nightmare! How great of the teacher too! You do not get many like that!
Hope the rest of your week goes better!


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