Thursday, 6 August 2009

Busy day again

My cousin's ex is here to plaster Scott's old room, so I'm not looking forward to all the dust there's going to be. As soon as I have a shower I'm going to take the girls to Clarks to get them new shoes for school and playgroup, then on to staples to get some card for stamping.

My list is getting bigger as I speak though, I've been told I need to pick colours for the bedroom and get a new light switch so far. The bedroom that's getting done used to be Scott and Willow's room, but when its finished it will be Faith and Willow's room. So it's looking like the paint will have to be Dulux "Sweet Pink" and it might be an idea to buy endurance paint!!

ok maybe catch you all later on, have made a couple of quick cards last night that I might share.

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FionaJ said...

HI Debz, are you feeling better now you've had a day to rest, bet the girls room is going to look fab, good luck with shoes for school, we had to go to street stompers as Clarks didn't have wide fitting ones to fit Conner, ouch did that hurt my purse, but they've got decent shoes now. Just had my Elisabeth Belles from SACAD, let me knoe if you want some stamped up for you, I'll be doing some this evening for myself, so it's no problem what so ever.
Fiona xxx

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