Saturday, 15 August 2009

Tidy-Up again

It was tidy-up time again in my craft-space - things were spreading across our bedroom again so I have spent the whole afternoon gutting the place. Have been a bit ruthless and have cleared out a whole box of stuff for my mum, plus a pile of craft magazines that would probably kill someone if they fell over.

But of course the up-side of all this clearing and tidying is that I can actually find stuff again, and I have room to work. 

No doubt it won't take very long for me to have the place looking like a sh*thole again though lol


Mrs Weyremaster said...

I know the feeling, lol. My craft stuff seems to have taken over most of the flat, was getting quite bad in the bedroom, so i've had a bit of a tidy up myself this week. Amazing how much more crafting i can get done when i can actually get my hands on the stuff i want, lol.

Hope your space stays clutter free for a while and you get lots of crafting done.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

shellshearer said...

oh my frontroom always looks like a sh*thole

my hubby has moved his computer and all his stuff into the cupboard under the stairs (which is where I used to live with me crafty stuff) and has given me his computer desk for all my craft stuff...little love he is...

the girls keep saying he's like Harry Potter living under the stairs lol

hugs shell xx

LISA said...

I have to do this every now and then also....usually when piles of stuff fall on me while crafting lol
Enjoy your tidy space xxx

Lora said...

I only tidy up my craft stuff when I can't see the table anymore lol.
I don't have that much stash but it still gets everywhere!
Now you are nice and tidy, it's an excuse to go buy more lol
Hugs Lora x

Kath said...

well done on getting the crafty stash tidied out....I had to steel myself to throw lots of stuff out....but if it hasn't seen the light of day for gotta go...enjoy all the space and the rest of your weekend...big hugs kath xxxxx

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