Sunday, 16 August 2009


that's the 2nd bedroom stripped now - Graham and I have been hard at it all day (no mucky comments thank you lol)

Its a horrible job, but it hasn't really taken us too long. The walls are an awful state - none of the plasterboard was taped, none of the corners were finished and there must have been about 20 layers of paper - yuk.

Anyway, its done now, so now we just have to give the plasterer a shout.

I have been busy crafting, but I can't show you any of it yet. I've made a couple of things for the next Passion for Promarkers challenge which starts at 9am on Tuesday - so you don't have long to wait. 

Tomorrow we are off on a play date. Scott, as some of you already know is on the autistic spectrum, and although he is more than capable of attending mainstream school he does struggle with his social skills among other things. So I've got together with one of the other mums and arranged to go to Dizzy Rascals soft play centre on Monday morning. Lesley (the other mum) has another son the same age as Willow, and he'll be starting the same school but a different class on Wednesday so we thought it would be nice for them to get to know each other too. And of course there's no show without Punch, and Faith will be tagging along too. She loves Dizzy Rascals, she just takes off and the only time you see her is when she dashes up for a swig of juice then dashes off again. And the best thing about Dizzy Rascals is.... it completely tires them out and we get them off to bed early - touch wood!!

So it works in quite well if they go to bed early as Scott is back to school on Tuesday and Faith also has her first day at playgroup. Willow doesn't start school til Wednesday afternoon.

The school uniforms are all washed and ironed, school shoes are all bought and ready. New school bags, pencil cases and water bottles, and gym shoes are all packed. Which has just reminded me - I still need to get shorts for gym for Scott and Willow - oops.

Oh and my wee bit of excitement today was I discovered I had won some digi stamps over at Whimsie Doodles - a set of Halloween greetings, just perfect for the new PfP challenge on Tuesday

Ok that's all my waffle for today, catch up with you tomorrow.


Jane said...

Thanks for your comment...not quite local, I live in Fort William but my sis lives in Aboyne, she took me to Alford to find Simply Create when I was over the other week, gorgeous shop!!
Hope the kids get on okay at school my little one has her first day at school on Tuesday, can't believe that is her away to school!

FionaJ said...

Wow Debs, you and Graham have been busy bees, hope you have a great day at Dizzys, not been there for ages, I know what you mean about never seeing Faith, my two are exactly the same.
Hope the kids get on well being back to school and nursery, Conner got his first session Tuesday morning, then off until Thursday morning, next week he's in every morning, then the following week he is in full time, oh what am I going to do with the spare time, major blitz of toy boxes is on the agends followed with lots of crafting me thinks, Looking forward to next PfP challenge dot a few images already coloured up ready.

Anonymous said...

gosh you are a busy bee!Have a fab day out xx jo xx

Manda said...

Can not believe thats Willow starting School already! She will LOVE it!
You are so organised!

Love the Girls room it loks fantastic, bet they have messed it up already lol

Manda xxx

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oh my halloweeen already! Love the card and fab colour combo! looks stunning. I especially love the embossed background!! Great stuff!! Enjoying a bit of piece and quiet today???

Hugs Judy xx

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